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Review: OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SSD

Review: OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SSD

Sam ChenDecember 30, 2015

New Name, New SSD. Meet the OCZ Vertex 460

ocz-vertex-460-240gb-ssd-custom-pc-review-6The last few months haven’t been pretty for OCZ. Late in November of last year, OCZ hit rock bottom when they filed for bankruptcy, and within the next two months, Toshiba purchased the then defunct OCZ’s assets for a paltry price of $35 million. Considering only a couple years ago, OCZ was valued at over $1 Billion, Toshiba got a pretty sweet deal for a ton of valuable IP.

Following Toshiba’s acquisition, it seemed like Toshiba would be most interested in merging OCZ with their own SSD division; however, with Toshiba recently completing the OCZ acquisition, it’s been made clear that OCZ will continue to operate as a separate, autonomous entity now known as OCZ Storage Solutions, a Toshiba Group Company. Given OCZ’s strong presence in the consumer market, it seems logical that Toshiba decided to keep the OCZ branding rather than integrate OCZ and have them work on the next Toshiba HZDLMFAOLOLROFLR54684123 SSD.

At the same time OCZ transformed into OCZ Storage Solutions (which we’ll be referring to as OCZ from this point on), OCZ also released a new enthusiast class SSD, the OCZ Vertex 460, which we’ll be reviewing today.


OCZ Vertex 460 Specifications

ModelVertex 460Vertex 460Vertex 460
Model NumberVTX460-25SAT3-120GVTX460-25SAT3-240GVTX460-25SAT3-480G
Form Factor7mm, 2.5″ SATA7mm, 2.5″ SATA7mm, 2.5″ SATA
Capacity120 GB240 GB480 GB
ControllerBarefoot 3 M10Barefoot 3 M10Barefoot 3 M10
NAND19nm Toshiba Toggle Mode MLC19nm Toshiba Toggle Mode MLC19nm Toshiba Toggle Mode MLC
Sequential Reads530MB/s540MB/s545MB/s
Sequential Writes420MB/s525MB/s525MB/s
4K Random Read80,000 IOPS85,000 IOPS95,000 IOPS
4K Random Write90,000 IOPS90,000 IOPS90,000 IOPS
InterfaceSATA 3 6GB/sSATA 3 6GB/sSATA 3 6GB/s
Warranty3 Years, 20GB/day3 Years, 20GB/day3 Years, 20GB/day

The OCZ Vertex 460 will come in three flavors – 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. It’ll still continue as a high performance grade SSD, but it’ll be slightly lower in performance than the flagship Vector 150. That said, performance is still rated at a blazing 545MB/s sequential reads and 525MB/s sequential writes for the 480GB model, but the 240GB which we’ll be reviewing today is slightly slower with performance up to 540MB/s sequential reads and 525MB/s sequential writes.

The Vertex 460 is using the same Barefoot 3 M10 controller from the Vertex 450; however, rather than using IMFT NAND, OCZ is now using Toshiba NAND, for obvious reasons. OCZ has also focused on improving sustained performance with the Vertex 460 by increasing the amount of overprovisioning from the standard 7% (from bits to bytes conversion) to a full SandForce style 14%. It’s becoming increasingly common to see this level of overprovisioning in all SSDs in general as enthusiast SSDs need the 7% for better long term consistency while mainstream SSDs need it for better long term reliability.

The warranty on the Vertex 460 is rated at 3 years, 20GB writes per day. For most consumer applications, I think that’s plenty, but those who feel like they need more can spend a few extra bucks on the Vector 150, which is now essentially the same product as the Vertex 460 with the exception of a higher clocked Barefoot 3 controller and a more comprehensive 5 year, 50GB writes per day warranty.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the OCZ Vertex 460 240GB!

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