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For the most part when gaming there are just two senses that matter – sight and sound. This is why having a top quality headset is one of the most important elements to winning on the virtual battlefield. Traditionally, gaming headsets have always been manufactured by gaming peripherals companies that make headsets that are either average or below average quality, but with the dearth of options from premium audiomakers, until recently there really wasn’t much of a choice.

Several years back, renowned German audio products maker Sennheiser jumped into the gaming headset market and saw such success that they now have several models of gaming headsets in their lineup. Not to be outmatched by their competitor, renowned German audio products maker Beyerdynamic jumped into the mix as well.

Today we’ll be reviewing the Beyerdynamic Custom Game gaming headset which is one of Beyerdynamic’s latest introductions. The new gaming headset is one of Beyerdynamic’s Custom series gaming headsets which provides gamers with the ability to customize almost every aspect of the headset ranging from the earcups to the headband to even the design on the earcups.


Manufacturer Beyerdynamic
Model Custom Game
Formfactor Over Ear
Interface 4-pole 3.5mm plug (splitter and 1/4″ plug adapter included)
Speaker Driver 45mm
Frequency Response 5 Hz – 35,000 Hz
Impedance 16Ω
Microphone Condenser (Cardioid)
Weight 282g
Warranty 2 Years
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Specifications wise, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game has the makings of a very strong gaming headset. At the heart of the headset is 45mm drivers which feature an impedence of 16Ω and a frequency response of 5Hz to 35,000Hz. It also features a high end condenser microphone with a cardioid pattern to produce cleaner and richer sound compared to your typical gaming headset microphones.

Let’s take a closer look.


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A Closer Look

Here’s a look at the packaging for the Beyerdynamic Custom Game.

Included is some documentation, six design covers, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game, detachable cable with microphone and remote control, splitter extension for PC, and a 1/4″ adapter for use with higher end audio systems.

Here’s a close look at the Beyerdynamic Custom Game. The headset is a very good looking headset with a tough metal frame and tough plastic for the earcups.

Given Beyerdynamic’s long history of producing quality high end audiophile headphones, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game is built to be comfortable. The headset features extra large earcups which are attached to the frame at the middle of the earcup for enhanced comfort.

The microphone for the Beyerdynamic Custom Game is a condenser microphone featuring a cardioid pattern. Unlike most gaming headsets, the microphone on the Custom Game isn’t built into the headset itself, but is attached to the detachable cord. This allows the Custom Game to be used as traditional headphones when on the go without having a silly looking microphone attached.

Coming from professional audio roots, Beyerdynamic makes it easy to customize or change out most parts of the headset. The headband cushion for example is attached using velcro rather than glued on with the Custom Game which allows users to easily replace the headband.

The Beyerdynamic Custom Game features leather earpads out of the box, but as with most professional headphones, it can be removed and replaced.

At the bottom of the headset, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game features what they call a Custom Sound Slider. The Custom Sound Slider allows customization up to four different sound profiles which we’ll be discussing later in the review.

Of course, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game also features an in-line control which provides volume control, start/end call, and microphone mute.

The Beyerdynamic Custom Game weighs in at just over 300g, which is definitely on the heavy side for a headset.


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During CES, I had a chance to preview the Beyerdynamic Custom Game and I was initially impressed. Having owned and enjoyed a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 headphones in the past, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game felt very familiar despite its intended gamer audience.

After spending several weeks with the headset, I can confirm that indeed the Beyerdynamic Custom Game draws heavily on Beyerdynamic’s professional audio heritage and it’s by far one of the best sounding gaming headsets I’ve ever had the opportunity of testing. Unlike most gaming headsets, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game is an extremely accurate sounding headset that doesn’t sacrifice a whole lot in terms of sound quality. While the headset is tuned with a v-shaped sound signature (boosted treble and bass), it’s not as pronounced  and the headphones still have a strong mid-range that’s hidden in far too many cheap gaming headsets. Further, drawing from Beyerdynamic’s audiophile headphone technology, the drivers are very fast and responsive which allows the headphones to produce clean and crisp sound that’s not possible in most gaming headsets.

One of the most interesting features on the Beyerdynamic Custom Game however, is without a doubt its Custom Sound Slider feature. At the bottom of the Custom Game, Beyerdynamic has integrated a slider which allows users to open or close a series of pre-drilled holes. The pre-drilled holes essentially act as a port for the headset similar to a port on a subwoofer. Those who prefer a more boomy bass response can open up the ports while those who enjoy less bass can close the ports. In testing this worked surprisingly well which allows the Custom Game to perform well not only in gaming and movies, but also in a variety of music giving it a lot more versatility than other gaming headsets.

As for comfort, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game features large round earcups and plush leatherette for the earpads and the headband. Despite my large ears, the even larger earcups fit very comfortably over my ears and is extremely comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time. As someone who has not only a large head, large ears and also wears glasses, it’s difficult for me to find comfortable headphones, but the Custom Game is without a doubt very comfortable.

The microphone on the Custom Game is a condenser microphone which isn’t commonly found on many gaming headsets. In testing, other parties noted that the sound from the microphone was not only clear, but speech is also sounds deeper and fuller than my HyperX Cloud’s omni-directional microphone. As such, the performance of the microphone is well suited for not only VoIP applications, but can also suffice for livestreaming or voiceover work.


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Beyerdynamic has been in the gaming headset industry for quite a few years, but has been relatively quiet for the most part which is a real shame considering how good their headset offerings are. As for the Beyerdynamic Custom Game, there’s very little to say other than it’s simply an amazing headset. In testing, the headset performed very well in all areas of testing from the sound/microphone quality to build quality, comfort and even the availability of spare parts.

The only real issue with the Beyerdynamic Custom Game is the pricetag. At around $191.99, the headset is very pricey and much pricier than most gaming headsets on the market. That said, the Custom Game does provide a lot of value for the money and is easily among the best gaming headset I’ve had the opportunity of testing period. If money is no concern and you’re looking for the best gaming headset money can buy, the Beyerdynamic Custom Game should be at the top of your list. Highly recommended!

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