The refreshed MacBook Pro 15″ notebook carrying Intel’s new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors may arrive as early as this month with the 13″ and 17″ models following shortly. According to Apple Insider, Apple’s order of 200,000 15″ MacBook Pros are being produced this month. The refreshed 15″ MacBook Pros are rumored to be carrying Intel’s new Core i7 3820QM and Core i7 3720QM, which feature Intel’s new HD 4000 graphics. Considering Intel’s main focus with Ivy Bridge is to increase integrated graphics performance while lowering TDP, the 2012 15″ MacBook Pro carrying the Ivy Bridge update could be a very worthwhile purchase.

Many popular retailers such as J&R, Best Buy, and MacConnection have been reporting shortages of the current generation 15″ MacBook Pros, which may suggest that Apple is slowing down production of the current generation MacBook Pros to make way for the next generation notebooks.

Source & Image Source: Apple Insider