If you go to the movies often, you’re probably pretty familiar with THX. You’ve probably seen the THX logo or at least you’ve heard the signature THX Deep Note. Founded by famous movie maker George Lucas in 1983, THX has been an audio technologies company that primarily certifies audio devices to ensure that anything certified by THX would be able to deliver the consistent THX sound signature we all know and love. Over the years, THX has certified everything from movie theaters to computer speakers to home theater in a box solutions and more.

While audio products company Creative had been one of the primary owners of THX with a 60% share of the company since its spin off from Lucasfilm back in 2002, gaming peripherals maker Razer recently acquired THX, its intellectual property and assets for an undisclosed sum. THX will continue to operate independently with its own management and will be able to continue working with its partners independently of its new parent company.

Certainly this acquisition isn’t something you’d expect from a company that traditionally focuses on gaming peripherals, but it does make sense for both companies. Razer has made quite a few inroads with their own audio technologies such as Razer Surround and within the past few years Razer has also dabbled in the premium audio market, partnering with DJs to promote their products. Without a doubt THX certified peripherals would give Razer an additional level of legitimacy as they continue to work their way into the premium audio products market. Furthermore, THX’s vast array of intellectual property will likely be quite useful as well for Razer’s continued development into in-house audio technologies. THX on the other hand also has quite a bit to gain. While an iconic brand in the 90’s and 2000’s, THX has faded away over the past few years as Dolby and DTS dominate the landscape. With Razer’s wide distribution capability, key partnerships and brand recognition in the gaming and entertainment industry, THX could see a welcome resurgence.