Over the past couple days, AMD India has been posting a series of cryptic tweets each with the hashtag #FutureIsAMD.

The earliest tweet included this picture with a blue and red pill. This is a marketing theme which AMD has used in the past with the launch of their Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition when it was launched several years back. During that campaign, AMD used similar looking blue “Verdetrol” pills.

Following the first tweet, AMD also posted several more cryptic tweets under the same #FutureIsAMD hashtag.

The tweets are vague at best, but everything so far points to a new Radeon or FirePro product (or an update of an existing product). It could also be a new APU as well given that APUs are a going to be such a huge part of AMD’s strategy going forward, but it seems unlikely given the tweets sent out so far.

A bit of common sense suggests that this new teaser could be signalling AMD’s response to Nvidia’s new Maxwell based GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980 which was released late last week.

Additionally, according to a tweet by AMD’s Roy Taylor, VP of Global Channel Sales at AMD, “Winston Churchill loved men who grinned when fighting. AMD relishes competition. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” While Roy doesn’t specifically mention any new product, he does call out Nvidia GeForce, which further suggests some sort of upcoming GPU related announcement.

This upcoming announcement is quite interesting in the fact that we haven’t heard a single thing on an upcoming AMD counterattack. Generally AMD launches are riddled with leaks weeks to months prior, so if AMD actually launches a brand new chip, this could literally be the most tight lipped launch we’ve ever seen from AMD. Only time will tell.

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