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AMD Launches The Radeon HD 7970 AKA World’s Fastest Single GPU Card

AMD Launches The Radeon HD 7970 AKA World’s Fastest Single GPU Card

Sam ChenDecember 22, 2011

“NEVER SETTLE. The world’s first 28nm GPU architecture. Engineered to humiliate the competition.”

Looks like all the rumors of the HD 7970’s launch was right on spot. The AMD HD 7970 is officially launched per AMD’s own press release and it looks like they’re claiming that it’s the world’s fastest. Of course not only are they claiming the the world’s fastest, but also the world’s first 28nm graphics chip. Bravo to AMD for pulling this off!

What other notable things are we looking at here? Well how about support for PCI-E 3.0, “refined” PowerTune technology and ZeroCore Power Technology that “ensures that no power is wasted when the graphics card is not in use, enabling lower idle power than any other currently available graphics card”.

What else are we looking at? Well, you probably already know but in case you need a refresher, 925MHz core clock, 3GB GDDR5 memory @ 5.5Gbps, 264GB/s memory bandwidth, 2048 stream processors, a 384 bit memory interface and a whole lot more! I can’t wait to see this badboy benchmarked. I’m excited!

The AMD HD 7970 will be available January 9, 2012 with “select” models starting at $549.

Source: AMD

Full Press Release on Page 2

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