Remember the previous Windows 7 Bulldozer patch that ended up being a flop? Well, Microsoft didn’t forget about it and have released a couple more patches to give AMD’s Bulldozer a bit more bulldozing power.

The new patches, yes there is two, is expected to offer about a 0 – 2% performance boost depending on the application. (By AMD’s own testing so YMMV) It’s not much, but then again you can’t really complain about a free patch, right?

Our testing shows that not every application realizes a performance boost. In fact, heavily threaded apps (those designed to use all 8 cores), get little or no uplift from this hotfix – they are already maxing out the processor.  In other cases, the uplift averages out to a 1-2 percent uplift. But heck, it is free performance, and this is the scheduler model that will be used in Windows 8 (along with some further enhancements), so why not add it to your list of downloads?

Adam Kozak – Product Marketing Manager, AMD


Link to Patch 1

Link to Patch 2

Source: AMD