According to an article from FudZilla, AMD is planning to release three different Radeon HD 7000 series chips by March.

The first of the three chips is the Tahiti XT, or Radeon HD 7970, which we already all know and love by now followed by the Tahiti Pro, or Radeon HD 7950, that we’re looking forward to seeing soon. It’s already confirmed to have a 900MHz GPU clock, 1792 shaders, and 3GB of GDDR5 running at 5GHz effective. This card is reported to come with a price tag of $449 as well. Additionally, it is reported that a 1.5GB edition of the HD 7950 will be coming soon as well which should be interesting especially if the price is right.

AMD is also expected to be releasing Pitcaim, which is the codename for the 78×0 series graphics cards. This includes the HD 7870 and the 7850, which should be launching in February priced between $299 and $219 respectively. These should cater to the mid audience and if history serves true, these should be the cards to look out for as they’ve traditionally offered the best performance to the price.

Finally, we’re also going to get the Cape Verde, or Radeon HD 7770. It’s a lowered powered chip expected to have 896 stream processors. Of course, it is expected to come at a very reasonable $149 price point as well. AMD is also expected to be introducing the HD 7750, which at a lower cost, should round out AMD’s budget segment quite nicely.

These cards should be out by March, which will allow AMD to establish a strong foothold over Nvidia, who is expected to be releasing their Kepler 600 series gpus in Q2, 2012.

Who’s jumping ship and purchasing an AMD HD 7000 series as soon as it’s out? Who’s going to wait for Nvidia’s latest and greatest? Comment below!

Source: FudZilla