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January 13, 2015

CES 2015: OCZ Displays Vector 180 Series SSD, Z-Drive 6000 NVMe SSD

While OCZ’s biggest focus for CES 2015 was their upcoming JetExpress SSD controller, OCZ also took the opportunity to talk to us about their new OCZ Vector 180 consumer SSD and the OCZ Z-Drive 6000 enterprise SSD.

The OCZ Vector 180 will be OCZ’s latest flagship consumer SATA SSD which will replace the aging Vector 150 introduced back in late 2013. Component wise, OCZ is still sticking with the Barefoot 3 M00 controller, but it’ll now use Toshiba’s latest second generation 19nm (A19nm) toggle mode NAND. No surprises there. Performance on the drive is rated at up to 550/530 MB/s sequential reads/writes and 100K/95K IOPS 4K random [...]

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July 5, 2014

2014 Samsung SSD Summit: XS1715, SM1715 NVMe PCIe SSD

During Samsung’s SSD Summit, Samsung displayed a ton of never-before-seen OEM partner only SSDs, including two PCIe SSDs and a NVMe demo which caught my eye.

The first PCIe SSD is the Samsung XS1715, which is a PCIe Gen 3 x4, SFF-8639 based SSD. According to the specs, the XS1715 is capable of up to 750,000/115,000 IOPS random read/write and will come in capacities of 400GB, 800GB, and 1,600GB. It’ll also include full NVMe support and will include “enhanced” power loss protection.

Next to the Samsung XS1715 was the SM1715, which is a PCIe Gen 3 x4, HHHL (Half Height Half Length) SSD. According to its specs, the [...]

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June 10, 2014

CES 2014: ADATA Displays SandForce SF3700 Powered SSDs, PCIe SSD, M.2 SSD, uSSD

ADATA always brings a ton of cool technology to CES and CES 2014 is no different. Along with their full line of SSDs, ADATA showed off some new SandForce SF3700 powered SSDs such as the 2TB XPG SX930 pictured above. While the XPG SX930 will be using SATA 6Gb/s interface, ADATA tells us that similar SandForce SF3700 powered 2TB SSDs will be available with faster interfaces as SATA-Express, SFF-8639, and M.2 become more readily available.

To show off the true potential of PCIe storage, ADATA hooked up one of their latest SandForce SF3700 powered SSDs and benchmarked it at a phenomenal 1,800+ MB/s. ADATA tells us that performance on the upcoming SF3700 [...]

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June 8, 2014

Understanding LSI SandForce SF3700 Series Controller

3rd Generation SandForce, 1st Generation LSI SandForce

When we look at the SSD industry today, there are few companies more well known than LSI SandForce. LSI SandForce drives power over 35% of the SSDs currently sold on the market today so when these guys introduce a new SSD controller more than two years after the introduction of their last generation product, it’s definitely time to take notice.

Ever since January of this year at CES, we’ve been hearing rumors of the mythical new LSI SandForce SSD controller (aka “Project Griffin”), but it wasn’t until June at Computex when we first confirmed of its existence via one of LSI [...]

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June 4, 2013

ADATA Shows Off SX2000 SSD: 1.6TB Capacity, 1.8 GB/s Transfer Rate

While many companies are showing off their latest and greatest products here at Computex Taipei 2013, one of the companies showing off an extra cool piece of kit here is ADATA. Now, we generally don’t cover enterprise drives often, but with ADATA’s new line of enterprise SSDs, one particular drive caught my eye – the ADATA SX2000. As you can see above, the casing on the SX2000 makes it look like a typical SSD, but what first caught my eye is the crazy capacity and formfactor – 1,600GB (1.6TB) on a 2.5″ drive. Now high capacity SSDs do already exist in the enterprise market, but what makes this drive extra special is in the spec [...]

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