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Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 GC 2GB Unboxing

Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 GC 2GB Unboxing

Sam ChenDecember 10, 2011

So today I have an unboxing that might interest a lot of you guys and it’s the Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 GC 2gb I just received in the mail.

The videocard is the GC edition which means it does come factory overclocked to 850mhz core and 1700mhz shader. It also includes 336 processor cores, a 256 bit memory interface, 2 gigs of ddr5 and an effective memory clock of 4.8ghz. It’s DX11 compatible, has PhysX support and is SLI ready. It also has a very cool looking custom cooling solution by Galaxy.

Stick around. The full review is coming soon. In the meantime, check out the unboxing below!

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