AMD Radeon HD 7970 Design Leaked


How many leaks has it been? At this rate we’ll know everything there is to know about the HD7970 before it even launches!

Anyways, the guys at DonanimHaber have shared a couple slides from AMD’s press briefing showing the physical design of the HD7970. With the exception that the card is single slot capable, there’s really not much going on. Seems like AMD has improved the design of the fan as well as the vapor chamber heatsink. Otherwise, AMD is still sticking to the red / black color scheme and the fan is still a jet turbine.

On the last slide it does look like AMD is expecting its card to have some overclocking headroom. Of course, that 1ghz figure is relative depending on what AMD decides stock clocks should be however, it is expected to be “a little over 900MHz”. Pictures below!

Source: DonanimHaber / TechPowerUp

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