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July 20, 2016

BeSang’s 3D NAND Crams 3x More Density, Reduces Cost by 90%

Without a doubt, 3D NAND is the future. 2D planar NAND is already at its limitations and everyone in the memory industry is already making the switch to 3D for their next generation products. While the move to 3D NAND already has us seeing huge leaps in terms of performance, capacity, and endurance, one thing that hasn’t exactly gone down is cost. Theoretically by going to 3D NAND and being able to stack cells vertically, we should be seeing huge reductions in cost yet this currently not the case.

One company trying to remedy this is BeSang, who claims to have a superior 3D NAND technology which can reduce the cost of 3D NAND from the current cost of over [...]

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