So after I made that last video on overclocking the Asrock Z68 Fatal1ty Professional Gen 3 to 4.8GHz, I got some requests on how to hit the magical 5GHz mark so I spent the better part of the weekend tweaking the board for a good, solid 5GHz. Anyway, I think I found it so take a look at the video.

For those of you who have reported getting the blinking cursor, that means your overclock isn’t stable so try again. Feel free to comment below with any questions. This should work for both the Intel Core i5 2500K, Intel Core i7 2600K and the Intel Core i7 2700K. You might need a bit more voltage for the i7 2600K and a bit less for the i7 2700K.

For a full list of parts and applications/software I used in the video as well as a tour of my test bench, check out the 4.8GHz tutorial.