Review: PNY XLR8 Pro 240GB SSD

Posted October 28, 2013 by Sam Chen in Reviews

Run of the mill SandForce SSD? Not so fast!

pny-xlr8-pro-240gb-ssd-custom-pc-review-13It’s always fun digging around in the storage closet to find a product that’s been on the review backlog for a while that you’ve accidentally forgotten about after traveling to expos and events for weeks on end. Since it’s been quite some time since our last SandForce based SSD review here at Custom PC Review, today we’ll be taking a look at an interesting SSD from the guys over at PNY. Now we generally don’t hear much about PNY and for those of us who actually hear about PNY, it’s mostly their USB memory sticks, SD memory cards, and graphics cards. However, PNY does produce a number of SSD models through their partnership with SandForce.

As such, today we’ll be doing a review on the PNY XLR8 Pro 240GB SSD. PNY offers a complete line of SSDs oriented towards the entry level user to the enthusiast/enterprise user with the XLR8 Pro that we’re reviewing falling into that enthusiast user category. Like most enthusiast class SandForce drives on the market, the PNY XLR8 Pro 240GB SSD offers sequential read speeds of up to 550 MB/s and sequential writes of up to 520 MB/s.

At first I thought this would be a pretty standard, seen this done that type of review, but after opening up the drive, I actually found something magical. Ready to take a look at what I found? Flip the page to find out!

PNY XLR8 Pro Specifications

Manufacturer PNY PNY PNY
Model XLR8 Pro XLR8 Pro XLR8 Pro
Form Factor 9mm, 2.5″ SATA 9mm, 2.5″ SATA 9mm, 2.5″ SATA
Capacity 120 GB 240 GB 480 GB
Controller SandForce SF-2281VB1 SandForce SF-2281VB1 SandForce SF-2281VB1
NAND 25nm IMFT MLC Synchronous NAND, 3,000 P/E Cycles 25nm IMFT MLC Synchronous NAND, 3,000 P/E Cycles 25nm IMFT MLC Synchronous NAND, 3,000 P/E Cycles
Sequential Reads 550 MB/s 550 MB/s 550 MB/s
Sequential Writes 515 MB/s 520 MB/s 520 MB/s
Interface SATA 3 6GB/s SATA 3 6GB/s SATA 3 6GB/s
Warranty 5 Years (3 years + 2 years with registration) 5 Years (3 years + 2 years with registration) 5 Years (3 years + 2 years with registration)

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  • My2Bits

    Any consistency to finding the enterprise grade eMLC (29F16B16MCME1) in consumer purchased drives? Just wondering if PNY made a special accommodation for drives sent our for review, or (hopefully) they had high yields on their enterprise chips and manufactured these drives with eMLC.

    • Not quite sure, but probably high eMLC yields or they’re having trouble keeping up with cMLC demand. The SSD I got was full of the eMLC, but it’s not marketed as something that should have it, so I guess it’s a luck of the draw kinda thing. I have seen SSDs from other vendors (I think ADATA) who put eMLC in their consumer SSDs as well, but it was only partially eMLC which suggests that it’s probably just due to high eMLC yields and high demand for the consumer grade product.