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online proxy

online proxy

Sam ChenAugust 24, 2017

An online proxy, or web proxy, is a proxy service that is operated using the web browser. Online proxies are useful for improving privacy by keeping your IP address private or for bypassing simple firewall restrictions.

Generally, online proxies can be used by simply visiting the online proxy’s website which can then be used to access other websites on the internet. This is the greatest advantage to using an online proxy as there’s no software to install and no system settings to change.

While online proxies sound like they function similar to VPN services, there is however one important distinction. Online proxies do not provide any sort of encryption capability, so the data transferred can still be monitored whereas VPN services generally provide encryption capabilities so that the data transferred cannot be monitored. Further, online proxies only protect the web browser connection and offers no additional privacy for other services such as e-mail, gaming, torrents, etc.

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