GPU scaling


    nvidia control panel gpu scaling screenshot 1

    GPU scaling is a feature of modern GPUs which is designed to help ensure that the image output fits the screen. GPU scaling is particularly useful in situations where the GPU is outputting a different resolution than the monitor or TV’s native resolution.


    Should you enable GPU scaling?

    Generally, GPU scaling should be disabled in situations where the GPU and application running on the GPU are both running at the monitor’s native resolution. GPU scaling introduces a small amount of input lag as the GPU needs to process the image to fit the attached screen.

    However, if the GPU is not running at the native resolution or an application such as a game is not running at the monitor’s native resolution, GPU scaling should be enabled. The reason for this is because GPU scaling is far faster and more efficient than the internal scalers on most monitors and TVs, and will require the least amount of latency when scaling the images.