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January 9, 2017

CES 2017: Mushkin Adds New SSDs, Keyboard to Lineup

At CES 2017, we recently stopped by to speak to our friends at Mushkin to take a quick look at what they’re planning on doing for the upcoming year and so far, it’s looking to be an exciting one. Not only is the memory giant launching a few new storage solutions, it’s also heading into the peripherals market with a great looking keyboard.


Mushkin Helix PCIe SSD

First up is the Mushkin Helix PCIe SSD, which is Mushkin’s first M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD. Powered by the Silicon Motion SM2260 in combination with Micron 3D MLC NAND, the Helix has a sequential read speed of 2.5GB/s and a sequential write speed of 1.1GB/s. Random I/O performance [...]

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April 13, 2016

Intel Releases 540s Series SSDs, Targets Consumers

Got bills to pay but want to load things faster? You may want to check out Intel’s new 540s series SATA SSDs.

As a new series targeting consumers, the Intel 540s series SSDs is built using Micron’s TLC NAND flash memory. To speed things along, Intel states that it uses its SLC Caching technology. There’s no dedicated SLC section on the SSD. Instead, the controller emulates SLC using the TLC NAND by storing only one value into each TLC cell.

According to the product brief, the 540s is optimized specifically for a 70%/30% read/write scenario. In terms of performance, the top end 540s can score up to 560MB//125MB/s in sequential read/write and [...]

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February 5, 2016

OCZ Announces Trion 150 Budget Friendly SATA SSDs

OCZ has just announced its budget-oriented Trion 150 SSDs designed to give old PCs a boost in performance without breaking the bank.

As an update to the Trion 100, the Trion 150 continues its budget friendly legacy by offering consumers more storage for their money. Depending on capacity, the cost per gigabyte can be as low as $0.28/GB.

Since OCZ is a subsidiary of Toshiba, it’s not surprising to see that the Trion 150 leverages Toshiba’s in-house controller and 15nm TLC NAND. The drive comes in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB capacities. The higher capacity drivers has more over-provisioned NAND, leading to higher endurance ratings. At its peak, the [...]

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February 5, 2016

Sony Launches SLW-M SATA SSD Series

Holy crap, Sony has jumped on the SSD train? Since when?!

I kid of course, the Japanese tech giant tried its hand in external SSDs a while back. With the launch of the SLW-M series, the company is looking to make some splash around the globe and get its cut of pie in the SSD market.

The MLW-M series focuses mostly on consumer needs. Equipped with the Phison PS 3310-S10 controller and Toshiba’s A19nm TLC NAND, the MLW-M Series is rated to have a maximum sequential read/write of 560MB/s and 5300MB/s respectively. The Phison S10 + Toshiba A19 TLC combo is a common pairing found in many of today’s consumer-oriented SATA SSDs.

The drive will come [...]

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January 9, 2016

Kingston Releases KC400 Series Enterprise Client SSDs

Kingston has just announced the KC400 series enterprise client SATA SSDs, further expanding its SSDNow family.

Manufacturer KingstonCapacity 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TBController Phison S3110-S10Interface SATA 6Gb/sSequential Read/Write 550/450MB/s 550/540MB/s 550/530MB/s 550/530MB/s4K Random Read/Write 88,000/87,000 IOPS 88,000/88,000 IOPS 86,000/86,000 IOPS 86,000/89,000 IOPSNAND TBDPricing TBD

Designed for businesses and enterprise level clients, the KC400 is equipped with numerous safety measures to ensure data integrity. It provides end-to-end data path protection, SmartECC multi-level error correction, and SmartRefresh to refresh blocks when [...]

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August 23, 2015

Review: Samsung PM863, SM863 960GB Enterprise SSD

TLC 3D V-NAND in the Enterprise

Last year we reviewed the Samsung 845DC EVO and the Samsung 845DC PRO, which at the time was two of Samsung’s newest SSDs designed for the rapidly growing datacenter/cloud/hyperscale market. At the time, both drives were very special for not only Samsung, but the entire SSD industry as a whole.

The Samsung 845DC EVO was a very special drive as it made Samsung the first SSD maker to market 3-Bit MLC NAND in the enterprise. Previously it was thought that 3-Bit MLC wasn’t well suited for enterprise applications as it’s not only significantly slower, but also significantly lower endurance compared to planar 2-bit MLC. On the other [...]

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August 19, 2015

FMS 2015: JMicron Displays JMF815, JMF60F, JMF680 SSD Controllers

Every SSD controller manufacturer was out in full force at FMS this year including JMicron, who showed off three of their controllers catering towards all performance ranges.



The JMF815 is JMicron’s offering for the high-performance market. Utilizing a PCIe Gen 3 x2 interface, the JMF815 can reach speeds up to 1,200/1,000 MB/s sequential reads and writes. Unfortunately, no NVMe support has been announced at this time. Supporting a maximum capacity of up to 2TB, the JMicron JMF815 is expected to support all the latest NAND including 3D NAND from various vendors.

The JMF815 is expected to launch early [...]

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December 8, 2014

Review: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD

3D V-NAND, Now Going Mainstream

Several months ago, I attended the Samsung Global SSD Summit where I was first introduced to the Samsung 850 PRO along with its new 2nd generation 2-bit per cell MLC 3D V-NAND technology. At the time, 3D V-NAND had already been in testing internally at Samsung for almost a year and its introduction was quite revolutionary as it promised double the performance, double the endurance, and significantly better power efficiency than previous generation 2D planar NAND. Additionally, given the fact that 2D planar NAND physically hits its limits in terms of further die shrinks past the 1xnm lithography, the transition to 3D NAND was inevitable and not just [...]

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December 4, 2014

Review: Micron M600 256GB SSD

16nm MLC, Now for OEMs and SIs

Over the years, we generally haven’t had much opportunity to check out very many Micron products. As Micron’s core business is with partners or OEMs rather than consumers, their products are generally never seen or heard of by most consumers so we don’t always have the time and resources to cover them despite the fact that they sometimes include some pretty cool features unavailable to their retail counterparts.

That said, today we’ll be reviewing one of those OEM only products with cool new features and that product is Micron’s new M600 client SSD, which is Micron’s latest client SSD designed to be [...]

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November 21, 2013

AIS 2013: Avant Displays SF3700 Powered M.2, HHHL, 5mm SATA SSDs

Avant Technology isn’t a company that most of us hear about, but they are a huge ODM for a number of well known SSD vendors such as Corsair, Mushkin, LSI and more. Avant has an extremely close working relationship with SandForce and has a number of SF3700 powered SSDs on display here at AIS 2013.

As expected, Avant Technology already has the standard reference design SF3700 powered M.2 and HHHL (Half Height, Half Length) boards available on display. Similar designs were shown at the SandForce as well as the ADATA booth.

For users who demand higher performance, Avant Technology has a couple PCIe RAID cards designed to be used with the [...]

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