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February 16, 2017

DRAM Shortages Result in 30% Price Increase in 4Q2016

It’s good to be in the DRAM business these days. According to a recent report from DRAMeXchange, global DRAM revenues have increased 18.2% sequentially for 4Q2016.

Much of the demand is fueled by strong smartphone sales, particularly Chinese brands along with the iPhone 7. This has resulted in massive shortages of PC DRAM, resulting in a 30% price increase over the previous quarter. Server DRAM is expected to follow suit in 1Q2017.

Memory manufacturers are currently increasing efforts to expand DRAM production capacity, but their efforts aren’t expected to be realized until the 2H2017. As a result, the supply problem is expected to continue to [...]

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December 1, 2016

NAND Flash Prices Continue to Rise as Demand Outpaces Supply

According to a recent report, NAND prices have continued their increase over the 3Q2016 thanks to constrained supply due to the transition from 2D to 3D NAND, and an increase in demand.

Demand for NAND in 3Q2016 grew by 19.6% with the biggest winner being Western Digital who increased their revenues by 26.7% in the quarter. Other big winners include Samsung and SK Hynix who saw revenue increases of 20.6% and 20.3% respectively.

Market share continues to be dominated by Samsung who holds a massive 36.6% marketshare, climbing just slightly over the quarter.


Source: TrendForce

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September 28, 2016

Micron Expands 3D NAND Fab 10 in Singapore Extending 3D NAND Production Capability

Micron is making some huge moves to meet demand in the NAND industry as they recently announced the opening of their recently expanded Fab 10 fabrication facility in Singapore. The expansion of Fab 10 will cover approximately 255,000 square feet and is expected to cost a total of $4 Billion USD incurred over the next few years. The expansion is expected to significantly improve Micron’s capability of producing 3D NAND to allow them to better meet global demand.

Specific numbers such as estimates on how many additional wafers can be produced monthly were not revealed at this time. Previous Micron estimates peg capacity of the expanded Fab 10 at up to 140K WSPM [...]

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September 8, 2016

Review: Crucial MX300 750GB SSD, Now Packing Micron 3D TLC NAND

Crucial’s First 3D TLC SSD

For over two years, Samsung has been the only mass manufacturer of 3D NAND and being the first to market SSDs with the new technology, they’ve reaped some serious rewards. In a recent report by analyst firm TrendFocus, Samsung owns a staggering 40.8% share of total SSDs shipped and their 3D NAND accounts for nearly all of the 17% of all NAND shipped today.

As such, we know that people want 3D NAND and if you’re a NAND maker without a 3D NAND product, it’s about time to step up your game. Micron, being one of the world’s largest NAND producers is stepping up in a big way with their latest Crucial branded SSD, the [...]

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August 30, 2016

Client SSD Market Outpaces Forecast by 7%, Samsung Dominates Once Again in 2Q2016

Market intelligence firm TrendFocus recently released a report on the SSD market for calendar Q2 and as you’d expect, the SSD and NAND market is doing very well.

Client SSDs did the best shipping nearly 30 million units representing a total of 8.24 exabytes, or 66% of the total 12.41 exabytes shipped in Q2. This is 7% higher than the original forecast with shipment increases seen in all form factors and market segments.

Enterprise SSDs didn’t do so bad either, shipping 4.068 million units representing a total of 4.17 exabytes, or 34% of the total 12.41 exabytes shipped in Q2. This is a healthy 10% increase over Q1 with shipment increases seen in all [...]

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July 27, 2016

Crucial MX300 Gets Additional Capacities, New Formfactor

When Crucial launched the MX300 a month ago, it was quite interesting as they decided to only launch the 750GB model and call it a “special edition” drive. Now, Crucial is expanding the MX300 lineup with 275GB, 525GB, and 1TB models to round out the lineup. The Crucial MX300 product sheet also has a 2TB and M.2 versions of the drive listed as well although that’s expected down the pipe.

The Crucial MX300 is Crucial’s newest SSD featuring a Marvell 88SS1074 controller and Micron’s 3D TLC NAND. With Crucial’s Dynamic Write Acceleration technology, the Crucial MX300 is able to achieve up to 530MB/s sequential reads and 510MB/s [...]

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May 31, 2016

Micron Unveils 1100, 2100 3D NAND Based Client SSDs

Micron today announced two new client SSDs, the Micron 1100 and Micron 2100, both of which are the first SSDs to utilize Micron latest 3D NAND. First revealed back in late 2014, Micron’s 3D NAND product was originally expected to arrive in the second half of last year, but aside from some presentations about the 3D NAND, no physical product has been announced until now.


Micron 1100

The first new introduction is the Micron 1100, which is a client SATA SSD available in capacities of 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB. Internally, the drive will be powered by a Marvell 88SS1074 “Dean” controller paired with Micron’s new 384Gb 32-layer TLC [...]

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April 13, 2016

Intel Releases 540s Series SSDs, Targets Consumers

Got bills to pay but want to load things faster? You may want to check out Intel’s new 540s series SATA SSDs.

As a new series targeting consumers, the Intel 540s series SSDs is built using Micron’s TLC NAND flash memory. To speed things along, Intel states that it uses its SLC Caching technology. There’s no dedicated SLC section on the SSD. Instead, the controller emulates SLC using the TLC NAND by storing only one value into each TLC cell.

According to the product brief, the 540s is optimized specifically for a 70%/30% read/write scenario. In terms of performance, the top end 540s can score up to 560MB//125MB/s in sequential read/write and [...]

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August 11, 2015

Review: Micron M510DC 480GB Enterprise SSD

16nm cMLC in the Enterprise

Last year, we reviewed the Micron M500DC SSD which was a low cost enterprise SSD designed for the cloud/hyperscale server market. At the time, enterprise SSDs were generally expensive, high endurance drives that were simply overkill for read intensive applications that simply don’t need the high endurance or write performance. As such, Micron unveiled the Micron M500DC which utilized consumer grade NAND and lots of overprovisioning. By doing so, Micron was able to significantly lower cost while still maintaining enterprise level reliability.

Building off the Micron M500, Micron recently also unveiled the M510 SSD which, like the M500DC, is [...]

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August 4, 2015

Seagate, Micron Jointly Launch S1200.2, S600DC Series SAS DataCenter SSDs

After announcing their multi-year “strategic” partnership back in February of this year, Seagate and Micron is now reaping the fruits of their labor with a brand new SAS SSD designed for the enterprise market.

Marketed as the Seagate 1200.2 by Seagate and the Micron S600DC Series by Micron, the drives will utilize custom Seagate controller technology along with Micron’s MLC NAND.


Seagate 1200.2

The Seagate 1200.2 will be offered in four different configurations depending on the needs of the customer. Those who need drives for write intensive tasks can purchase drives rated up to 25DWPD (Drive Write Per Day) while those who [...]

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