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September 7, 2012

Mac Pro Users Gain Unprecedented Performance with NVIDIA Quadro K5000

Press Release Most Powerful Professional GPU Ever for the Mac Dramatically Accelerates Design and Content Creation Workflows

Mac professionals will benefit from dramatically improved graphics performance and productivity with today’s announcement of the NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000 for Mac Pro systems.

Based on NVIDIA Kepler™ architecture – the world’s fastest, most efficient GPU design – the Quadro K5000 for Mac is the most powerful professional-class GPU ever for the Macintosh, delivering unprecedented visualization and computation capabilities for designers and digital content creators.

Key features of the NVIDIA Quadro K5000 GPU for Mac include:

Cinema 4K [...]
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May 11, 2012

Nvidia Officially Launches the GeForce GTX 670

Press Release NVIDIA Kepler Juggernaut Rolls On With Launch Of GeForce GTX 670

NVIDIA today launched the third GPU based on its next-generation Kepler™ graphics architecture, the GeForce® GTX 670, which brings dramatically improved levels of price-performance, power efficiency and whisper-quiet operation for PC gamers, starting at $399 USD.

Engineered from the same DNA as the recently announced GTX 680 — NVIDIA’s top-of-the-line, single-GPU — the GTX 670 packs a mean punch in its lithe 9.5-inch-long frame. It outpaces the closest competitive product in gaming performance by upwards of 45 percent,(1) while consuming approximately 18 percent less [...]

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May 9, 2012

Nvidia Unsatisfied with TSMC, TSMC Gives Nvidia 28nm Priority

According to a recent report by DigiTimes, Nvidia has scored priority supply for 28nm chip production by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). If you’ve never heard of TSMC, these are the guys who produce semiconductors for companies such as AMD and Nvidia, and while the exact reason for Nvidia’s Kepler delays are unknown, it’s more than likely that TSMC’s 28nm production difficulties were a large part of the problem. Despite Nvidia releasing their 28nm GTX 680 Kepler GPU behind schedule well over a month ago, they’re still exceedingly difficult to find at this time which as you can imagine is probably [...]

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May 8, 2012

Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 2GB Benchmarks Leaked

We’ve seen plenty of leaked pictures of the rumored to-be-coming GeForce GTX 670, but so far nothing definitive on the performance of the card. However, special thanks to some drama-rama between Nvidia and hardware review site TweakTown, TweakTown has leaked quite a comprehensive list of performance benchmarks on the upcoming graphics card giving us a very clear picture of what we could expect.

Above we’ve got a GPU-Z screenshot from the new graphics card. As you can see, spec-wise the GTX 670 is quite similar to the GTX 680 with 2GB of GDDR5, a 256 bit bus width and 32 ROPs. However, it will come at [...]

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May 2, 2012

MSI GeForce GTX 670 Box Leaked

Nvidia has been quite busy announcing their flagship Kepler cards, the GTX 680 and GTX 690, but for most of us a $500+ graphics card isn’t an option.

While Nvidia is still remaining silent on any future Kepler graphics cards, a leaked image of the MSI GeForce GTX 670 box has surfaced from Malaysian IT retailer, Cycom. According to the box, the GTX 670 will come with DirectX 11, 2GB DDR5, and will include support for Display Port.

Also leaked is a spec/price sheet which shows the MSI GeForce GTX 670 with a 256-bit memory interface and a price of RM 1,380, which is about $455 USD. Unfortunately, this isn’t the price we were [...]

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April 29, 2012

Nvidia GTX 690 Dual GPU Graphics Card Unveiled

Press Release NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTX 690 — Dual Graphics Card Combines World’s Fastest Gaming Performance With Sleek, Sexy Design

SHANGHAI–(Marketwire – Apr 28, 2012) – GEFORCE LAN/NVIDIA Game Festival 2012 — NVIDIA today announced the GeForce® GTX 690, the world’s fastest consumer graphics card1 — with a bold industrial design to match.

Powered by dual Kepler™ architecture-based GeForce GPUs, the GTX 690 is meticulously designed — inside and out — to deliver the most refined, elegant and smooth PC gaming experience possible.

The surprise announcement was made by NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang [...]

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April 20, 2012

Gainward Phantom GTX 680 4GB Released

Gainward, a global graphics card manufacturer, recently unveiled their latest creation – the Phantom GTX 680 4GB. As the name suggests, the Phantom GTX680 4GB will feature 4GB of onboard memory, making Gainward one of the first manufacturers to release a GTX 680 with this much onboard memory. As expected then, the card will be able to simultaneously support up to four monitors.

Also attached to this card in addition to the massive amount of memory is the massive Phantom II cooling solution. The Phantom II cooler features two 80mm silent PWM “GR8” fans, five 6mm “Grand-Prix” heatpipes, and sports a more advanced design in comparison to the [...]

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April 17, 2012

Editorial: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 – A Mid-Ranged Product?

It’s only been a little more than a month since the Nvidia GeForce GTX 680’s release, but taking a look at all the buzz, reviews, and benchmarks on the new product, it seems like it’s been out forever. While it’s currently among the fastest graphics cards out there, many people have started rumors questioning if the new Kepler GK104 based GTX 680 was originally even destined to actually be a high end card.

While it would be an impossible for me to really know what Nvidia was planning with the GTX 680, there were definitely some clear indications that the GTX 680 is in fact supposed to be a mid [...]

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April 6, 2012

Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 Ti Specifications Leaked, Detailed

So you were waited, and waited, and waited for Nvidia to release their next generation 28nm Kepler graphics card and when it finally arrived, you fell off your seat when you saw the $500 price tag.  While some of us are are more than happy to shell out the asking price, the rest of us mere mortals still have budgets to adhere to and $500 is a bit too much. What a bummer.

Well, according to a recent article over at, if you’re okay with waiting it out for just a couple more months, you might still be able to get your Kepler on despite being on a budget. Due to a bit of binning magic from failed GK104 chips, these not to perfect chips will end up in your [...]

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March 16, 2012

More Nvidia Kepler GTX 680 Benchmarks Leaked!

Well last time’s leaked Nvidia GTX 680 benchmarks were kinda iffy considering there was no mention of the source, the testing setup, or any testing parameters for that matter. Well, today a whole slew of new benchmarks were posted over at HKEPC and so far the new Kepler based Nvidia GTX 680 (GK104) is lookin pretty good!

Anyway, below I’ve reposted a couple of the more important benchmarks from HKEPC. All the benchmarks were run off a ASUS Rampage IV Extreme with an i7 3960X to remove the possibility of a CPU bottleneck. Both cards were running at stock settings, but because of the GTX 680’s new dynamic clocking (hot clocks) feature which kinda acts like [...]

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