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Razer Orbweaver Mechanical Gaming Keypad Review

Razer Orbweaver Mechanical Gaming Keypad Review

Sam ChenFebruary 7, 2013

Razer Orbweaver Perfomance

razer-orbweaver-mechanical-gaming-keypad-custom-pc-review-9For performance testing, I tested the Razer Orbweaver in a number of different games to see if the keypad offered any sort of advantage while gaming.

For FPS gaming, I played some Battlefield 3 along with some CS:GO and overall I didn’t notice much improvement in gameplay. Since FPS gaming doesn’t benefit much from setting macros, I pretty much played the games using the default keypad setup. After spending about two weeks with the Orbweaver, I still can’t really say that I’m seeing much improvement in gameplay versus using a standard keyboard. The spacebar button on the Orbweaver is too light and the position of the thumbrest is too much of a stretch for my hand so it simply isn’t all that comfortable. The upper buttons, even with the Orbweaver’s palmrest at the shortest setting was still too far of a reach for my fingers so changing weapons was a bit difficult. I also generally use a bit of my palm to hit the CTRL button while using a standard keyboard, so there was definitely a slight learning curve to using my pinky instead.

The next game I spent some time playing was League of Legends, and being a game that pretty much only requires 4 keys on the keyboard to play, I didn’t notice any performance improvements here either. Given how difficult it is for my hand to reach the top row of buttons, I constantly found myself reaching for my keyboard instead.

Finally, I also played some Diablo 3 to see if a different genre of game could benefit more from the keypad and it didn’t really do much either. Diablo 3, like League of Legends just doesn’t require all that much in terms of buttons so I didn’t find much improvement moving over to the Orbweaver.

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  • Russell Robinson

    tooo expensive! It costs more than my full mechanical keyboard

  • Alex Potts

    i’ve got one of these from the early 00’s before razer aquired nostromo, still use it to this day. one of the best periferals around in my opinion.

    that said, it doesn’t work with the new drivers (or the synapse software from my experience) and the price has gone waaaay up

  • HughJundys

    Thank you for the information. Despite not being a user of the device it was informative, I’d love to see this reviewed by a Nostromo user. It is fun to see a review from someone who always uses a k/b mouse combo but it is more helpful to me to get one from someone who regularly uses this type of device. Kinda like, but not the same as, a review from someone who doesn’t drive cars isn’t a useful as a review from someone who has.

    I love the nostromo and rarely play without it. If I couldn’t use it I’d probably leave computer gaming. I love that thumbpad for many different games. At this point it feels so much more natural for me to use that thumbpad to move around than the 4 keys on my kb.

    This new device is interesting to me because of the mechanical switches. I wonder if this makes the thumbpad better than the older devices I have here, They did not need the extra row of buttons and I think addition impacted the look of the device in a negative way.

    • Talon

      I don’t mean to Necro but this needs to be said. As a nostromo user i could instantly tell that the orbweaver was much more precise and faster. with the Nostromo there was a chance you could press a button and not get a response, with the orbweaver the keys are very easy to touch and use. especially the space bar. The nostromos space bar sometimes felt like it was grinding and hard to press, the orbweavers is a huge upgrade. To comment on your ” extra row of buttons”. coming from the nostomo, i think the extra row is what makes this a winner. it was very hard for me to touch the 12 and 13 key on the nostromo, the orbweaver feels very natural, no matter what i button i press. And really the look isnt what im worried about on the game pad, its the practicality and usefulness over a gaming keyboard. The orbweaver is a game changer. I would recommend it over a Nostromo. But do not forget, people are not kidding when they say this thing is loud. I was surprised. Get the stealth version if possible if not either way you’ll love it.
      by the way. who cares about the cord anyways? its rubber. just like everything else i have, i don’t need it for a survival mission like everyone else who complains its not braided. hope this helps future buyers/researchers.
      As far as cost goes. i would buy this over a top dollar full keyboard everyday all day.
      Make the switch you wont reget it.