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NZXT Aperture M Review

NZXT Aperture M Review

Sam ChenJune 9, 2012


With a device this simple, there really isn’t that much to say here. The card reader worked as advertised and installation was dead simple. Everything was plug and play, so drivers were unnecessary. I was disappointed that the Aperture M uses a USB 2.0 card reader instead of a USB 3.0 card reader and at least for SD cards it doesn’t support UHS-I. This means you’ll be limited to the maximum throughput of around 20MB/s for SD cards. This probably won’t be much of a problem for a lot of users, but it might not be so good for those who specifically purchase high speed memory cards for the performance.

As far as looks go, the NZXT Aperture M is definitely one of the better looking “internal” card readers out there. The black mesh finish looks great, but you’ll probably want either a black or grey case to go with the reader. It would be nice to see more color options in the future, but I wouldn’t be surprised if NZXT already has something in the pipeline. They’re pretty good about giving us more color options if their other products are any indicator at all.

A USB 3.0 hub is included, so it’ll definitely be useful for those who’ve purchased a case that’s lacking in that department. For those who have USB 3.0 on their cases, I found that it was a bit difficult to find boards out there with two or more USB 3.0 headers. It would’ve definitely been nice to see NZXT include a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 adapter just in case. Budget to mid-range motherboards these days only come with a single USB 3.0 header so requiring a USB 3.0 header for both the case’s front panel USB 3.0 and the Aperture M may be a bit difficult.

The Aperture M is expected to be priced at around $34.99 and is being released on 5/29, so it’s a bit pricey for an internal card reader. That said, most card readers on the market don’t look nearly as good as this one and doesn’t come with a USB 3.0 hub so if you’re considering the Aperture M, definitely take that into consideration. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the Aperture M yet at the usual retailers, but it should show up soon.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a stylish internal card reader with a USB 3.0 hub, the NZXT Aperture M is definitely worth your consideration.

Special thanks to NZXT for making this review possible.

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