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High Speed PC Top Deck Tech Station Review

High Speed PC Top Deck Tech Station Review

Sam ChenMay 6, 2012


Here at Custom PC Review, we do a lot of testing. Whether it’s a new graphics card, a new CPU cooler or a new SSD, we test it all. That being said, you’ve probably all built a computer before and you all know how painful it is to have to pull everything apart just to remove a component. We sure do and we wish there were an easier way…

Thankfully, our agony hasn’t gone unnoticed and the guys at HSPC (High Speed PC) have presented us with a solution, the HSPC Top Deck Tech Station. While the HSPC Top Deck Tech Station comes in many sizes to fit many different sized motherboards, we received the large sized tech station for review which is compatible with mITX, mATX, ATX, and eATX motherboards.

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