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Review: Creative Sound Blaster AXX 200

Review: Creative Sound Blaster AXX 200

Sam ChenDecember 27, 2013

The coolest gadget you didn’t know existed

creative-sound-blasater-axx-200-bluetooth-speaker-custom-pc-review-4Last year when we reviewed the Creative Sound Blaster AXX SBX 10 and SBX 20 it was probably one of the coolest products we’ve ever come across. Whereas generally you’d get a product that’s a Bluetooth speaker, or sometimes you’d get a product that’s an external sound card, or sometimes you’d get a product that’s a desktop microphone – with the Sound Blaster AXX, you get it all in single product. While we were impressed with what Creative had done with the first generation Sound Blaster AXX, once we got some hands on time with it, we noticed that there were a couple features that we felt were lacking.

Now only a year after the initial release of the first generation Sound Blaster AXX, Creative has gone back to the drawing board and have released the second generation Sound Blaster AXX, which promises to improve on the already feature filled Sound Blaster AXX with a whole slew of new features and functionality. Whereas the first generation Sound Blaster AXX was already a feature-packed device containing a speaker, a dual microphone array, a sound processor (SB-Axx1), and Bluetooth connectivity, the second generation refines on the original and adds to that by adding a battery, a quad microphone array, NFC connectivity, and more.

Sound Blaster Axx 200 Specifications

ModelSound Blaster AXX 200
Audio ProcessorSB-Axx1
Connectivity InterfaceUSB 2.0, Bluetooth
Wireless TechnologyBluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP, AVRCP, HFP
Audio CodecAAC, SBC, aptX
Operating RangeUp to 10m/33ft
Build-in MicrophoneQuad-array Noise Cancelling Condenser
Audio Inputs1x 3.5 mm Aux In/Microphone In Combo Jack
Audio Output1x 3.5 mm Headphone Jack
DC Outputs1x USB 5V, 1A
Battery5,200 mAh Li-ion
Dimensions (L x W x H)64mm x 73mm x 200 mm
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The first generation Sound Blaster AXX line featured the SBX 8, the SBX 10, and the SBX 20 with the largest speaker being the SBX 20 and the smallest being the SBX 8. Today we’ll be reviewing the Creative Sound Blaster AXX 200, which in terms of size seems to be an update to the medium sized Sound Blaster AXX SBX 10. So far, there’s only a single second generation Sound Blaster AXX offering, but I’ve seen mentions of a Sound Blaster AXX 100, so there might be another, lower end model down the line designed to replace the AXX SBX 8. I haven’t seen any mention of a AXX 300 or anything like that, so it seems like Creative might not be updating the larger AXX SBX 20 just yet.

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  • Ruz

    Nice features set but still lacking as mentioned below:
    1. More battery capacity reqd. Atleast 10,000+ mah capacity would be better since there is a charging port as well
    2. Charging pin is only 1Amp and not 2.5amp
    3. No usb 3 supplied to connect to PC and also linking memory card to pc would be idel choice

    4. Bluetooth is only 2.1v and not v4 as higher ver support better codecs and is also backward compatible + low power consumption
    5. MMC supports only 32Gb.. would be nice to add capacity upto 128GB
    6. Better builtin DAC is also lacking..
    7. surfing playlist on mobile or onscreen

    If u get all the above mentioned + stock features under $160 then yes it would be worth buying.. search is still on for me to have all these in one soln..

  • A2theC

    Nice review, but you skipped over the Sound Blaster as a sound card PC processor. That’s specifically what I wanted to find out about this product as i’m weighing in either this product or a dedicated USB sound card to swap for my desktop/laptop.
    I suppose you only have a MacBook (as ALL media people seem to now) and don’t have a real PC to test these features out. I guess I’ll be digging through forums.