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PowerColor releases the PCS+ HD 7850

PowerColor releases the PCS+ HD 7850

Tom LiApril 8, 2012

Image Source: PowerColor

PowerColor recently released a new version of the Radeon HD7850 featuring its custom PCS+ cooler design to improve overclocking and cooling performance.

The dual slot PCS+ cooler features a single center 92mm fan and direct touch heatpipes to more efficiently transfer heat. According to PowerColor, this design lowers both temperature and noise by 15% when compared to the reference card. For this reason, the GPU is factory overclocked to 1GHz and the 2GB of GDDR5 memory to 1225MHz (4.9GHz effective).

The card will also include the PowerColor’s “Gold Power Kit” to improve stability and provide some additional overclocking headroom as well. The kit includes DrMos, Digital PWM, and Shielded Ferrite Core Chokes.

On the aesthetics side, PowerColor has decided to go with a single fan cooler design along with a black PCB to help the card blend better with your case’s interior.

Unfortunately, pricing and availability is currently unknown at this time, but it should arrive sooner than you think. In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled.

Source: PowerColor

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