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Pornhub and YouPorn Embraces Privacy: Makes Switch to HTTPS

Pornhub and YouPorn Embraces Privacy: Makes Switch to HTTPS

Sam ChenMarch 30, 2017

As congress passes new legislation allowing ISPs to sell customer browsing history, internet privacy is once again a hot topic in the tech world.

As a result of the impending passage of the new legislation, top adult entertainment websites Pornhub and YouPorn are embracing user privacy by switching to HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP, beginning on April 4. By utilizing HTTPS to secure a connection between customers and Pornhub/YouPorn servers, this will prevent ISPs from tracking user activity to these websites. HTTPS will also ensure data integrity and website authenticity when users connect to Pornhub and YouPorn.

“As one of the most viewed websites in the world, it is our duty to ensure the confidentially and safety of our users. The transition to HTTPS will go a long way in solidifying our users’ privacy and protecting them against various types of malware,” said Brad Burns, Vice President, YouPorn. “The data on our webpages will now be encrypted, making it significantly harder for third parties to penetrate. Now, our community members can peruse our site even more safely, knowing they have that extra layer of security.”

According to Google’s Transparency Report, Pornhub and YouPorn rank among the top 100 most visited websites in the world with Pornhub alone serving 70 million users daily. Once Pornhub and YouPorn turns on HTTPS, the two websites join RedTube as the only three of the top 11 adult websites secured with HTTPS by default.

In addition to making the switch to HTTPS, Pornhub and YouPorn are also actively engaged in enhancing online security by participating in Bug Bounty programs such as HackerOne. HackerOne is used by many top websites as a platform where security researchers can be rewarded with bounties as high as $20,000 for identifying and reporting vulnerabilities.

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