Intel Core i7-8700K Rumored to Use TIM Again Limiting Overclocking Potential


Intel Corporation

Chinese tech site Expreview reports that the six core Intel Core i7-8700K CPU has its overclocking potentials gimped once again as the company has decided to use lower quality TIM rather than solder.

The article states that while the chip itself is excellent and can overclock beyond 4.8GHz without dramatic increases in voltage, heat will be the greatest barrier to achieving this. While Expreview hasn’t posted pictures of the CPU de-lidded, the author attributes the thermal compound as the culprit, stating that the thermal compound applied under the lid is poor quality TIM rather than solder. As a result, those who want overclocks beyond 4.8 GHz or 5 GHz will likely need to de-lid their CPU.

Of course, this isn’t a surprise. This isn’t the first time Intel’s gotten flak for using inadequate thermal compound under its CPU heatspreader as they’ve been using TIM rather than solder as far back as their Ivy Bridge series of CPUs which were also frowned upon for the same reason.


Source: Expreview

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