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January 20, 2017

CES 2017: In Win Debuts Tou 2.0, D-Frame 2.0 and 301 Chassis, Aurora RGB Fans

At CES 2017, we had the opportunity to visit In Win, a company known for making some of the most interesting and innovative PC chassis available today. With a reputation like that, it goes without saying that there are some high expectations for any new product they release, fortunately, we were not disappointed with what they had to offer this year.

In Win Tou 2.0 Mirrored Chassis

Starting off our tour, we took a look at the latest in the company’s “Signature” series of cases: the tou 2.0. Like its predecessor, the tou 2.0 is an all-aluminum chassis fitted with angled tempered glass panels which are fully reflective and mirror-like when [...]

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August 27, 2015

AMD Releases Radeon R9 Nano Specifications and Pricing

AMD has officially announced the Radeon R9 Nano, which is the latest — and possibly final — release to be based on their high-end desktop Fiji GPU with High-bandwidth memory (HBM). The Radeon R9 Nano will be available for purchase starting September 10th, and will be priced at $649, which matches that of the R9 Fury X.

Measuring only six inches, the R9 Nano is targeted towards the small form-factor and mini-ITX markets. The incredibly small form-factor of the R9 Nano is achieved with the aforementioned High-Bandwidth Memory. Compared to traditional planar GDDR5, HBM uses stacked memory that’s more power power efficient and has significantly [...]

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January 27, 2014

AMD Introduces New Low-Power AMD Embedded G-Series APU and Extends Platform Availability Through 2017

Press Release  New APU Ideal for Industrial Control, Point-of-Sale, Medical Appliance and Transportation Markets; Delivers Three Times the Performance,(i) Reduces Power Consumption by up to Seven Percent(ii) and Chip Footprint by 58 Percent(iii) Compared to AMD Geode™ LX Processor

AMD today introduced the latest entry to the AMD Embedded G-Series processor family with the AMD Embedded G-T16R Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). The AMD G-T16R is targeted at very low power, small form factor and cost-sensitive embedded designs that require a combination of x86 compatibility and graphics. The optimized design of the AMD Embedded G-T16R sips power, [...]

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