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YouTube Cameras and Equipment

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Last Updated: January 2017


For some reason I run a website and YouTube channel for computer components, but I get more PMs asking me what camera I use, so for those interested I thought I'd make a thread here on the forums for you guys.


My Main Cameras/DSLR:

Nikon D810

- I typically use the Nikon D810 for the photos for CPCR. The 14-bit RAW and massive 36MP full frame sensor is really good for that purpose. As for video, I've only used it a few times for video. The autofocus for video isn't all that great since it doesn't have a continuous focus function like a videocamera or even the Sony A7 II. 

- Speaking of the Sony A7 II, the camera I use for tradeshows and doing a lot of the video these days is the Sony A7 II. It's an excellent camera for photo with its 24MP sensor and it's also great for video with its good continuous autofocus feature. It's also small and light which makes it a lot easier to carry all day compared to the Nikon D810. 


My Main Lenses


- My favorite lens... ever. Sharpest I've ever owned. If you've got the money, you'll never regret getting one of these. Bokeh is awesome, sharpness is awesome and it's super fast and super wide which means you'll get shots in even the worst lighting conditions.
- Beautiful wide angle lens which I have on the camera 95% of the time. Excellent optics, very sharp and pictures come out very beautiful. The wide angle also makes it easy to take pictures in small rooms which in a lot of cases is typically what you get at tradeshows. 
- The Sony 90mm Macro G is definitely among the best macro lenses out there. It's very sharp at higher f-stops and the lens is constructed very well. Usually close up shots of NAND, controllers, CPUs, other ICs are taken with this lens with great results. 
- The Sony 70-200m GM is a great lens which I have solely for taking pictures while at tradeshows where I'm sitting half a mile away trying to take pictures of the speaker. The 70-200mm f/2.8 allows for great shots even in lower light situations and the image stabilization makes pictures much easier to take despite the long range. 


My Audio/Recording Equipment

Desktop Microphone
Portable Digital Recorder


My Lighting Equipment

- It's all I use. Nice, high quality lighting kit.


Tripods and Misc

- Can't go wrong with Manfrotto. Excellent tripod legs.
- Great fluid head that works excellently with DSLRs. This is only a head, so you'll need to get the tripod legs too. I recommend the above, or any Manfrotto tripod legs lol...
- It's the unboxing knife. With this knife, you'll be able to unbox ANYTHING...


My Video Editing Software


Screen Recording Webcam / Software


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