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FS: Asus Sabertooth 990fx AM3+ and G.Skill Sniper 8gb ram (1600mhz)

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I'm interested in that RAM. Any idea what kind of OC you can get from it? Also' date=' interested in any trades?[/quote'] Honestly I really don't have much knowledge about overclocking ram. I just installed them and set them too 1600 mhz. I didn't see any need to overclock since I didn't see the ram usage go above 40% under load and I was happy with how they preformed. If you look on the newegg link and go to feedback, there's a couple people that were able to to bump the voltage and overclock a bit. There's also people that say the ram is not good for overclocking. I guess if you have a good motherboard and have the knowledge about overclocking/timings/voltages you'll be about to overclock the ram. I just bought the ram because it was cheap, ran at 1.25v, and was 1600 mhz. I try not to overclock since I build my rigs to be more efficient/stable than the average pc gamer. Sorry if that's not the answer you'd like to hear lol :(

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