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Flagged as a Spammer - Update 01/27/13 I've gotten more than a couple messages lately about getting flagged by the anti-spam scripts here so I'll explain what's going on just in case you're not a spammer. The spam scripts running on our forums are linked to a website called Stop Forum Spam, which keeps a database of all the spammers that have been flagged throughout all the different forums running similar anti-spam scripts such as the one you find on this forum. If you go to the Stop Forum Spam, you'll notice that bans are listed by date, IP address, username and e-mail. Upon each new user registration, our scripts will go through and test for all three of these criteria and will deny registration if any of these criteria matches something in the database. If you're getting rejected by the scripts, definitely go to the site and check your IP address, e-mail address, or the username you've chosen to ensure they're not on the spammer list. If the username you've chosen is on the list, obviously change the username. Same thing with the e-mail address - use a different one. Unfortunately there's not much you can do about the IP address, but... Again, if you're still having trouble creating an account, feel free to contact us and we can make you an account. Please include your name, e-mail, and the forum username you'd like to have. Unfortunately without these scripts, we get so much spam it's near impossible to contain, so unless you enjoy reading Viagra and Cialis advertisements, these measures have to be taken to improve the quality of the forums. Thanks for your understanding.

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