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Rules: 1. No spam of any description. -Please refrain from double-posting and random adverts. No link redirects and crap like that. Our job here is not to help you make money. Go away. The world will be a better place. 2. Proper Grammar. -I understand that some people may not be native language speakers. But stuff like "I LiKe GaMezzz N00Bz". No. 3. Don't Necro. -Meaning: If you see that the thread is dead/inactive for a long period. (...Say 2-4 weeks) Don't post a comment. Noone cares anymore. TBCH. 4. Search? -If you have a problem...Try searching for the solution before posting a thread...Cause chances are someone had that problem as well. Don't take the lazy way out. 5. Pr0n is fun... -But this is not the place. Please keep things nice and clean. 6. F$%K THE ADMINZ -You can.. But, you'll get banned. So please. Respect the "Adminz". 7. "blah blah *cry* blah blah blah" -This best summarizes a 'whine-thread'. No go away. Go cry to mommy. 8. Stay on -BANANA. -Or rather...Topic. This would be fine if we were Custom ADD Review. But we are not. Keep threads on topic. Or they will be closed. 9. Section? What the- -Post your threads in the right section. As much as I would love to dedicate my time to moving your threads...I rather not. 10. Worship and Obey the might SAM of CPCR. -He is our God and our Leader. 4chan has m00t, we have Sam. Therefore, we win.

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