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Hi! I'm newbie, so please bear with wordiness, and also please point out protocol errors or unclarities; I'll be happy to revise.

Planning a Linux workstation (mostly single user with a few low-demand server apps), and found (kudos to author(s)!) "Best PC Workstation Builds of 2018". Not a gamer and like to minimize heat and noise, but I do moderate level scientific computing (R), database, and graphics( GIMP or Photoshop). The machine may also run a virtual machine host (e.g. VMWare) to host guest OS's such as Windows or 32-bit Linux. Data integrity is very important. Disk throughput is important

The "Mid-Level" looked about right. I'd like to get 5 years , so something with reasonable upgrade potential would be good. Questions below are in context of that recipe. I'd much appreciate any comments.

CPU. I looked at Ryzen, but feel, esp for Linux, it may be a bit soon. Thanks for comments on that. btw.  I'm not too clear of the differences between members of the core-i7-7000 range. Linux manages multiprocessors well, I think. Based on what I have said, would the the CPU recommendation change? How far can the CPU be upgraded before the socket is changes?

MOBO: Would like ECC memory option if possible, and also heard good things about Asus boards. Surprised that there are no onboard graphics. Is that a limitation of the Intel 77xx line? (but this is not a critical point; see GPU below).

Memory: Was looking at Kingston. Any thoughts on that vs Crucial or Corsair?  16GB is plenty for now.

Bootdrive: How does Kingston DC400 (~480GB) compare to the Samsung 850 Pro?

Storage Drive: I already have several WD100 7200 rpm drives and am planning to use 4 in a 2TB software RAID 10 array

OS: Linux. Does anyone test any designs with Linux?

Case: I have a 10-year-old, quite large, Lian-Li aluminum case that I was planning to use. Fans might be small by modern standards. Any other negatives?

GPU: Thank you for the intro to the PNY Quadro series. I think the P600 would easily meet my needs. Btw, there seems to be a P620 available. How is the company on timely Linux support?

Apologies if I ran on! I'd much appreciate any comments, suggestions, or feedback, especially if there might be potential Linux problems.



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CPU - The CPU would not be upgrade-able to the latest generation once the socket changes. You'll need to buy the new platform which generally will include a motherboard. RAM shouldn't change but if DDR5 comes along before your next upgrade, then expect that you'll have to buy new RAM as well. 

MOBO - If you want to use ECC, you'll need to go with XEON for the Intel platform. There is onboard graphics, but yes since you're buying a graphics card, it wouldn't matter. 

Memory - Kingston, Corsair, Crucial, Samsung are all good memory makers. I'd stick with those. 

Bootdrive - You don't really need a datacenter drive. The Samsung 850 Pro will be fine. Samsung now has the 860 Pro. I'd buy that if there isn't much of a price difference. 

OS - Not really. I use linux for SSD testing, but I don't use it too much aside from that. What kind of work are you planning to do with your machine?

Case - Should be fine. It can always be upgraded later anyway. 

GPU - Nvidia should be pretty good on Linux support. It is Linux though so you may have to put in some work to get it to work right. 

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