Asus S6f leather edition revival

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Hello everyone. Couple of mounth ago I started to use my old laptop Asus S6F leather edition because my zenbook broke down. It appeared that for such an old laptop it was doing a pretty good job! It has been now 3 mounth I am using it and it is so vintage that I love it now. Unfortunatly the laptop is falling apart and I don't want to let down such great piece of hardware. So i decided to save it !!!

One summary of what I have done:

So far so good, I change the HDD for a SSD to speed up the system, And I took out the dvd reader to save some weight and some juice.

This laptop was at the time the very high end of laptop costing up to 2000$, very compact with an 11' screen. (Screen which is surprisingly still damm good for 2017! you can almost bend it ) It has an intel core duo L7200 and it does a pretty good job in streaming hd movies and I can even play Halo combat evolved! Everything works so well in such old and compact laptop that has 10 years old...

Yes but: Firstly because of the ssd the processor is at the edge to assimilate all the data at once, actually it is still well balanced but the processor overheats quickly 100° and then threshold to keep the system alive. (FIRST ISSUE)

Second the Max Ram is 1.5 go and even if windows 10 does a good job I am hoping to find a way to break the manufacturer limit ! Because the processor is in 64 bit I looking to somehow manage to put more ram into the system (one free slot) (Second issue)

Third: It looks like the motherboard has more ports than I thought and I hope to somehow put more hardware into the it to bef up the system

Now I am going to give you a list of what I think I can do, and you are more than welcome to give your advice:

Changing the Fan with a more powerfull one and add one more (maybe in the free dvd reader slot) and thermal pas changing

Using the sata port of the Dvd player slot for ??? I dunno yet

Using the express card reader to beef up the system using it as a way to add more ram? I need your help on this one ! I am not sure but I think it is possible

New keyboard and pad(it melted down because the computer was still on in its cover one day)

New battery (i am going to change the cell myself with much powerfull ones)

Fix AC port (wich is loosy) 


To conclude I need to made it operate at temperature less important and I need to find a way to get more ram. The good news is that many parts needed are still available on ebay, the bad news is that it is a pain in the a** to disassemble. So I really need to know what I am doing! Once again advices welcome! 




Screenshot (2).png

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Changing the HDD to SSD was probably the only big upgrade you could make to it. The overheating issues, I'd recommend changing the TIM and cleaning out the fans. I'm not so sure you can replace the fans with anything other than the stock ones as laptop fans are usually proprietary. As for the DVD slot, most companies usually sell an adapter which allows you to put another drive or a battery in there. You can't install RAM into an expresscard slot, but if the RAM is removable you can add more to that. Also, you might be able to upgrade the CPU, but at that point I think you've put too much money into the system and would be better off buying a new used laptop. 

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