I want to build a Desktop Workstation in Best High End Workstation (Budget $1,500 – $2,000+)

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I don't have much knowledge and background about computers. I want to seek some guide, help, wisdom and knowledge for me to build a workstation suitable for me. I am currently training to be an Architect and I need a best desktop workstation for me to properly work and practice in making 3D Modelling. I need to build this workstation starting from scratch guys this is my dream. I really need some help guys. Please can you lend me some gifted knowledge from you guys.. Please guys

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Well, I would recommend you get started on our recommended workstation builds


I'd aim for either a mid-range or the high end build to start with and pick up a workstation graphics card to go along with it. Probably something like the Quadro M2000 or M4000. 

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