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I have "CoolerMaster quickfire xt blue switches" but Im really bored with the keyboard.The first reason the keyboard doesnt have lighting and a different color on it.Just pure black and red.I want a keyboard which has lightning,makes you want to press it one more time and also not that expensive.I've been searching for ages. Can some on help me with that please?

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Well, sounds like you're just looking for a RGB mechanical keyboard. You have quite a few options, so I'll probably just list what I like and what type of switches it uses. 

Razer Blackwidow Chroma - Awesome keyboard. A bit pricey, but IMO it's the best looking and one of the better performing keyboards of the bunch. I use this one personally, but if you're on a budget it's definitely a no go. They have clicky and silent switch options, but they're Razer's own switches which are basically similar to Cherry stuff. These keyboards also give you access to Razer's Chroma software so you can sync it with a Razer mouse and stuff. If you're bored with your current setup, this will probably be your best bet. Lotta programmability in Chroma's software suite. 

Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum - Relatively cheap RGB keyboard. Uses Kailh switches which are Cherry knockoffs to lower price, but they're very good and practically identical. Much lower pricepoint, but they're still very good keyboards. Just doesn't have all the fancy software/customization features of the Razer. 

Corsair K70 RGB - Pretty expensive keyboard, but if you want real Cherry RGB switches, this is a good option. I'd personally go with either of the above, but if you don't like the slightly different feel of the imitation Cherry switches, then go with this one. 


As a sidenote if you don't follow mechanical keyboards, imitation Cherry switches aren't bad at all. The reason imitations came out is simply because Cherry's patents on mechanical keyboards expired. Because of that, companies are able to make the exact same thing without legal issues. 

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