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07/19/16 - CPCR Server Update

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Here at Custom PC Review, we spend a lot of our efforts on bringing news, reviews and great articles about the latest and greatest technology on the marketplace, but we don’t tend to spend too much time talking about things that happen behind the scenes.

Last year, when we published an article about our huge move from a dedicated server to a colocation with our own hardware, we had quite a fairly big response from our loyal viewers, so we decided to share this year’s server update as well. Most of you have probably noticed some downtime over the past week or so when this was all happening, so this will also double up as a status update for everyone as well.




Although we deal mostly with hardware, our server hardware actually hasn’t changed since last year. We’re still rocking the Lenovo ThinkServer RD540 with the Intel Xeon E5-2609V2, 32GB Kingston DDR3L-1600 ECC, and Samsung 845DC PRO 400GB in RAID 1. The server hardware has experienced zero issues over the past year and a half and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for down the road as well. Ideally, we’d like to also implement a database server along with some warm backup servers to ensure minimal downtime in the event of catastrophic hardware failure. Hopefully we’ll be able to make that happen before next year’s server update.

Like our server, our colocation hasn’t changed either. Psychz Networks has been a fantastic colocation with great performance and great prices. Uptime since the past year has been 99.99% with the extra due to scheduled maintenance. Ideally we’d like to also put some servers out of Los Angeles, CA just in case “the big one” hits. So far Las Vegas, NV seems like a possible option, but that’s a topic for a later time.

Overall, we haven’t seen any reason to switch up our hardware or colocation as there’s still plenty of room for additional growth. As such, our 2016 server update is going to be almost 100% software and software optimizations


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