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Diablo III

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Has anyone else noticed that they removed most of the meta game and character development? For example they removed manual stats and skilling up, and there are a lot less skills and less choices, and even to use those skills you require less micromanagement (since there are 7 slots rather than 2 in D2). You can't really make any kind of creative build like a melee sword amazon or a bow paladin (can you even attack with your weapon?), and you don't even need to think about "ok what will I put my stat and skill points in to?" because there is 0 development! A wizard will never have as much hp as a barbarian! Every class is very pigeon holed with no room for creativity. And it seems that skills do %weapon damage, which is not even listed in game! Ah so horrible, basically forcing us to use a gameguide or website constantly just to understand what our skills do! It seems a bit disappointing to me to have an ARPG known for the ability to make a rather unique character is reduced down to a completely casual game.
Yeah, I was pretty bummed when I saw they removed the whole points system. I think they're trying to make it a bit more simple to cater to the more causal MMORPG crowd. At least they still have the rune system though... Runestones - Diablo Wiki
what are we going to do about all meeting up playing together?
I think we should setup a time to meetup on mumble or create a group here on the forums a couple days before D3 comes out. That way we can get a group setup and ready to go on launch.

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Monk. Seems like everybody is going to play DH or Barb lol. Where's the love for sorc or witch doc? :)
Here's the love for sorc (wizard). I'm for the Wizard yet earlier I was split b/t the barb and the wizard. But I have made up my mind on the wizard. Even though I enjoyed playing the barb during the beta weekend event, I just love the skills the wizard has to offer, and I think the wizard has an unique factor for its skills such as the slow time and maneuverability (teleport).

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