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02/20/15 - Bye bye vBulletin, Hello IP Board

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We're Now Running IP Board!


As some of you may have noticed upon coming to our forums in the past 24 hours, we recently switched our server software from vBulletin 5 to IP Board. While vBulletin 4 has served us well in the early days of CPCR, the upgrade to vBulletin 5 has been a disaster ever since we implemented it just a little over a year ago. Issues that never occurred before began occurring. PMs were getting lost, people were getting blank screens, things were extremely messed up on the admin side, and everything was just too buggy to be used. I didn't follow my own mantra of not fixing something that wasn't broken and so I broke it. After wasting countless hours trying to fix software that should've never been allowed in final revision, paid software in the first place, I finally decided to jump ship. 


As of now, we're running on IP Board. So far I'm finding it to be a lot more stable, a lot faster, and the everything just seems a whole lot better. Of course that's probably just me not feeling like I ever want to do another forum migration in my life, haha. Anyway, let me know how you're liking it so far, if you've encountered any problems and whatnot. Hopefully this will be a much better platform for our continued growth. If you haven't been posting in a while, feel free to jump back in the discussions. With less time maintaining the forum and more time on my hands, I'm planning quite a few more site promotions, giveaways, and all that fun stuff so be sure to stick around! :)

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