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Phanteks F140HP / F140SP Mini Review

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Intro: I bought a 2x Noctua NF-A15s for case fans (not for CPU cooling) a while ago, and while they were astonishingly quiet, I felt like they didn't move a lot of air. So I returned them and looked around for better options. My choice came down to TY-140, Cougar Vortex, and the Phanteks fans. After a few hours of pointless research, I just gave up and decided to go with the Phanteks fans. The Fans:

  • F140HP
    • 120mm mounting holes
    • 4-pin PWM header
    • 600-1300 RPM


  • 140mm mounting holes
  • 3- pin header
  • 1200 RPM
140mm fans UFB Bearing The Box:
  • 1x fan + 4 screws (F140SP also includes a 400mm extender)

The Pics: 12395779685_0538a0e310_b.jpg12396248804_78293ffccd_b.jpg12396240644_9c5c3f5b8c_b.jpg The integrated cable is fairly long even without the extender 12332331005_13ff2f6b05_b.jpg12332337905_149d6c7a4d_b.jpgFan config:

  • 2x front intake (R2)
  • 1x bottom intake (F140HP)
  • 1x rear exhaust (F140HP)
  • 1x side intake (F140SP)
Performance + Noise: I don't have any fancy CFM measuring devices or mics so will give you my personal experiences in comparison to the A15s. I promise I will include a noise test video in the future. But for now, here is a pretty accurate representation of how the F140 sounds like:
  • @ idle: F140s experiences faint bearing noise that is only audible if you have your ear next to it. Other than that, the A15s and F140s are very quiet.
  • @ load: F140s have a much better noise profile than the A15s. F140s are audible but mostly due to air turbulence. The A15s experienced some motor whining but wasn't anything too bad.
  • @ 600 RPM: The A15s barely move any air. The F140s move more than the A15s but both are pretty close.
  • @ 1200 RPM: The F140s are much more effective at moving air at 1200 RPM than the A15s. During gaming load when the fans ramp up to 1200 RPM, my 780 Ti only went up to 65 C in comparison to the Noctuas which reached 68 C. Not a huge difference but the F140s did lower my ambient temps by 5 C.

The Verdict:

  • The Good
    • Fairly cheap ($15)
    • Bearing noise is basically nonexistent
    • The F140HP comes in a variety of colors (Blue, Orange, Black, White) The Mediocre
      • Barely any accessories
      • The F140SPs only comes in one color variant

I really can't think of anything else to say, I mean these are just fans :p. I realized after doing all these test that it probably wasn't worth the hassle to exchange my A15s. Nevertheless, I can 100% recommend both the A15s and the F140s to anyone who is in need of fans. Hope you guys enjoyed! Feel free to ask any questions below.

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Wow, nice review! Those are pretty sweet fans. I remember checking them out back when I reviewed the 2013 revision of the Phanteks PH-TC14PE. Great stuff. That fan pointed at the GPU is probably the one doing most of the work. Perfect position to allow the GPU to suck in fresh air.

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Hi guys. I am confused and lost and in need of some elucidation regarding case fans. First: are the Phanteks F140HP and F140TS actually two different fans? On one site I read they're different names for the same thing. Second: in my case (Corsair 900D), should I use both 140 mm and 120 mm fans, or just one type? Why? Third: How many fans and how many radiators should I use with a Haswell-E chip and two GPUs? I have no clue what to go for. I will be using the Swiftech H-240X to cool my CPU, and I don't know whether I should leave the stock fan on or replace it. Thanks very much for any answers you guys can give.

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