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Klipsch Image S5i Review

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  • Noise-isolating
  • Durable, tangle resistant cables
  • Patented oval ear tips provide comfortable wear for hours
  • Full music and/or voice control on select Apple products
  • Large control buttons for easy use during extreme sports
  • Moisture resistant remote and headphone
  • 360° mic for hands-free, highly intelligible phone calls
  • Colors: Black w/rubber accents
  • Patent Numbers
  • USD 611,929; US 7,681,577; USD 624,901

three.jpg Perfect for runners, skaters and other athletic types, the Klipsch Image S5i Rugged headphones, with in-line mic and three-button remote, are extremely durable, yet still deliver the same high-quality comfort and sound that has made Klipsch popular. Designed to live with the elements, the Image S5i headphone has a competitive edge because, unlike other brands, it uses patented oval ear tips for unequaled comfort and a secure fit as well as incorporating over 60 years of audio expertise. These headphones are also moisture tested and the remote is rubberized to offer weather resistance for outdoor activities. The Image S5i headphone features a unique Apple-based mic and three-button remote system for taking calls and having full music and/or voice control on these Apple products: iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th generation) iPod classic (120GB, 160GB) iPod nano (4th, 5th, 6th generation) iPod shuffle (3rd, 4th generation) iPad iPad 2 The buttons on the remote are slightly enlarged, making them easy to navigate when on-the-go or wearing gloves. Amazing Comfort and Fit Unlike circular-shaped ear tips that put stress on the pressure points inside the ear, Klipsch’s exclusive oval ear tips naturally fit the contours of your ear canals, providing comfortable long-term wear. These light*weight ear tips also offer superior noise isolation, blocking out almost all ambient noise and providing excellent bass. Premium Sound At the heart of every Klipsch product is over 60 years of audio expertise beating strong. Our commitment to no-compromise performance has made us the preferred choice of top cinema operators, a leader in stereo and home theater sound and now a premium name in headphones. Each S5i Rugged headphone body employs a moving coil micro-speaker with controlled damping, allowing it to deliver smooth, full-bodied sound that is similar to a more expensive balanced armature design. The Image S5i Rugged headphone features powerful dual magnet motor structures allowing for powerful bass and significantly reduced intermodulation distortion, or IMD. These headphones sound amazing, with clear highs and enhanced lows. Added Frills Available in a black finish with rubber accents, the Image S5i Rugged headphone comes with three pairs of different-sized patented oval ear tips, clothing clip and a heavy-duty safety case with a built-in flashlight and removable belt clip. The S5i Rugged includes a 2-year warranty.

Hard-shell, rubberized case with flashlight


iPod Nano Comparison


Chapstick Comparison


Optional belt buckle

6929624856_0e1475b2e3_b.jpg Inside of Case 7075699633_747079719f_b.jpg Silicon Earpieces 6978156263_d6a389679e_b.jpg Earphones (Left) 7075700037_2b7572c224_b.jpg Earphones (Right) 6929625258_de389eeec9_b.jpg iPod Controller 6832029942_6bb073bc1b_b.jpg Mic on back 6832030098_14dbf26317_b.jpg Gold-Plated 3.5mm Jack 6978157165_02943a4c9e_b.jpg

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Review - Updated 12/3/2012 Negatives Belt buckle protrudes your side - makes you look strange Cable can't stay straight - gets tangled easily The rubber coating on the cable is durable, but you can hear all the friction even when listening to music The 3.5mm jack is in a straight-form instead of the more durable angle-form iPod controller is over-sized for normal users - only useful when you have a thick glove When you walk, the iPod controller thumps on your chest and you can never get a secure fit because of the weight Silicon eartips limit the sound quality and are quite small- Use Comply TX-100 on these to unlock the full potential Positives The sound quality is unmatched at similar prices - Matches other competing products more than triple the price. Extremely clear (but not overpowering) bass and jaw-dropping highs. Case and earphones have a strong, durable rubber coating The earphone cables are also rubber-coated and are much thicker and durable than the S4/S4i Earphones have a slanted body which is very comfortable - Very secure when sitting down Not a fan of the over-sized iPod controller, but buttons are extremely easy to press due to their large size The Verdict I've had the Klipsch S5i's for about 7 months. My first impressions were great but over time some small flaws started to grow on me and as a result, I can no longer recommend these earphones for 3 reasons. 1. The iPod controller is just a pain to have since the weight prevents you from having a secure fit on your ears. 2. Every time something touches the cable, the sound of the friction blocks a lot of clarity even while listening to music. 3. The Klipsch S4(i, and A) 2 is available on Klipsch's website that fixes tangled cables, although it still has a lot of cable noise whenever something brushes on it. Update 12/3/12: I sent my S5i's back to exchange with the S4i II's and I can already tell you that they are so much better, more durable, and just incredible. They fix almost all the problems I had with the S5i's. If anyone wants me to post a full review on these, send me a request either here or PM. Also, huge thanks to Klipsch for making my exchange pain free. The customer service was incredibly nice and straight-forward.

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Thanks! Flat? These earphones? No, these earphones are everything but boring. It concentrates more on the highs but you can still hear it clearly - even without EQ enabled.
Ooooh niceeee... Hows the bass? Boomy? Saw the white s4i's just now on Amazon and they look pretty sweet. Wonder if they sound anything like the 5i's.

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Really nice and comprehensive review man. I've been using apple iPod headphones for the past for years w/onboard audio so these would probably blow my mind in comparison haha. I gotta get me a new pair of headphones one of these days so I'll consider this pair whenever I decide to get some.

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