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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys! So i´m changing my pc (my current one is too old (from 2013) and with its 4gb ram, i3 3320, and r7 260x i cant do much) i want it to use mainly photoshop (i know it sounds stupid but trust me, with my current pc even that is an achievement) i want it to run fine without lag and all that. I´m a casual gamer not a pro one, and i am willing to play approximately 2-3 hours per day in the week, and 5-8 hours per day in the weekends. I play mostly strategy games, i´m not desperate to play the latest games with super graphics you know….with rome 2 total war running well i´m fine. That being said, i was wondering if you could help me, or at least advice me on pc stuff, because it´s been a while since i don´t do this. So i will start putting on the components i was thinking, because i have done some research and found some good prices, especially in and in amazon. Also, i have a Budget of 1100-1200 dollars. GPU: i´m aiming for an Nvidia Ge Force GTX 1070, not Ti, just 1070. Until now, the ones that i found affordable and good at the same time are this two: 1: 2: Both have 3 coolers. So with the GPU i think i´m the most decided, comparing with the other PC parts. i just want one of that two. CPU: For the CPU i was going for an Intel I7 7th/8th generation (i would like to have 9th generation but you know, money). Now, i don´t know if it was my impression but i saw 7th generation prices very similar to the 8th generation ones, so i picked just two i7-8700 and one i7 7700 but that doesn´t mean i´m between those, i´m open to any offer. 1: 2: 3: Now, i don´t know anything about GHz, Turbo frecuency (i think that it is something like an overclock (?)), and Cores at all, i just see a higher number and tend to think it´s better but if you can help with that it would be good. RAM: With ram i first wanted 12gb ram because i said, well it´s in the middle you know, between 8gb (that i consider to be enough but in a couple of years maybe not) and 16gb (that i thought it would be too much for my actual needs) but after thinking it for a while and seeing that most of the motherboards have dual socket, i now consider 16gb (2x8gb) to be better than 12gb(3x4gb). So i searched for 16gb of ram, 2x8gb actually, and i found a lot of offers but the problem is that i don´t know any RAM memory company. The only thing i know is that a friend of mine told me that 3000MHz DDR4 is better than DDR3, so i just picked the ones that said that. I picked a lot of RAM memories because there are a lot with the same prices. 1: 2: 3: 4: I can continue with the list because there where too many, so i´m not considering any of these to be the definitive one, if you know about something good just say it. SSD DISK : So i was planning to do a hybrid storage, with an internal 500gb SSD (in wich i would install Windows OS, Photoshop, a couple of useful programs, and maybe some Photoshop files) and a normal 1tb Hard Drive (in wich i would put normal files, like the rest of the programs, games, files like music… know the rest). I don´t have any problems with the HD, i´ll just go and buy it, but the thing is the SSD. It´s my first time buying one so i don´t know much about it, i don´t know which companies are the best. And i don´t even know if buying a 500gb instead of a 250gb would worth it, because like i said i don´t plan to fill it that much, just the OS, Photoshop and maybe a couple of things more. Anyway, i picked the next ones: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: MOTHERBOARD : Well i consider this to be the hardest one, because i don´t have any idea of motherboards, about which one is good or which one is bad. I also don´t have much idea about which motherboard is compatible with the stuff i listed before. For that reason i couldn´t search that much. I was going for the z270 because my friend has it, and he has a very similar setup, but i found that it´s not compatible with 8th or 9th generation Intel processors, so i looked for the z390 and that´s all. I don´t want a fancy motherboard, i don´t care about it´s decoration or light effects or anything, i just want it to be functional and affordable, something like between 150 - 230 dollars because my Budget would be running low at this point. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Okay, so until here i would use my Budget (1100-1200 dollars), with the GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD Disk, and Motherboard. But i want to ask you one more thing: POWER SUPPLY: So i have a problem with this because i was going to use my current Sentey Essential EPP650 – PS of 650 Watts of power with the new PC. But today i entered to to know if it would be enough to run all the things i listed above, and the result said that i need 850w to run this PC. So that means that i have to expend more money on a new power supply. I wanted you guys to tell me if this is accurate, if i really need to change it, and in that case what power supplies you recommend. ___________________________________________________________________________________ I know that what i ask is a lot, really, but it would very helpful to me since i really need a new PC, anyway i hope that some PC or Tech fanatics answer my call. Thanks!!!
  2. Hello, this is my first time building a PC for myself and when I tried to boot it for the first time, no case fans were spinning and also the CPU fan was not spinning. I had taken each piece of the computer out and had tried to run a test with only the 24 pin, CPU pin, CPU, and CPU fan plugged but the CPU fan did not spin either. Upon further inspection, the red light indicating a problem with the CPU flashes red once and goes away. I have checked the CPU and CPU socket and have identified no bent pins and nothing in the socket of the CPU. Nothing seems to be damaged on the motherboard after inspecting it with other people. Any help is appreciated with this and thank you in advance. My specs for this computer are: Ryzen 5 1500X MSI B350 PC Mate Motherboard Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Corsair - Vengence 1x8 GB Western Digital Blue 1TB Hard Drive Asus GTX 1060 3GB Apevia X-Mirage EVGA 450W 80+ Bronze
  3. Version 1.9


    Super PI is a single threaded CPU benchmark that calculates PI up to 32 million digits after the decimal point. The program utilizes the Gauss-Legendre algorithm and is adapted from Yasumasa Kanada's program used to calculate PI to 2^32 digits in 1995. Author: Kanada Lab Author Website: Link
  4. Hello, Im planning on building my very first PC my budget is around $3000 and I will use it for gaming and editing, so After effects, Sony vegas 13 and also photoshop and I have all the components for this build, I just need to know if I should change anything or just to make sure its all compatible. And also im trying to go for either a red/black or a green/white theme either one works. Im not sure what to do about the premium stock phanteks fans. Should I replace them or keep them? I will be going wirelessly which is a bummer but Will the Asus Dual-Band Wireless- Ac1900 PCI-E Adapter be a good choice? CPU- Intel i7-6700K MOBO- Gigabyte GA-Z170X Ultra Gaming MEMORY- Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 32Gb DDR4 2400 MT/s (16x2) (red edition) GPU- MSI Gaming Geforce GTX 1080 8GB CASE- Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Tempered Glass Edition BOOT DRIVE- Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SOUND CARD- Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PSU- EVGA GQ 650 80+ GOLD Im going to add the Phanteks Multi-coloured LED Strips, should I go for a EVGA 750 GQ 80+ GOLD or that 650 will be fine? CPU COOLER- Corsair Hydro Series H115i OS- Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Also planning on getting 2 BenQ 1MS GTG 144Hz High Performance Gaming 24in LED-Lit Monitors
  5. Saw this over at the AT forums, thought I'd repost for you guys here. The specs seem likely, but the poster is literally brand new with zero sources, so no idea how reliable his info is which is why I'm choosing not to post on the main site. Anyway, to summarize Zen is still in Rev A0 so its still a ways away from actual launch. There's 4 variants of Engineering Sample (ES) Zen CPUs - 2 on AM4 and 2 on SP3 socket. SP3 appears to be the high end/server lineup while the AM4 looks to be mainstream. AM4 ES chips come in 4 and 8 core. SP3 ES chips come in 24 or 32 core. They run core/boost clocks. According to the leaker the clock speeds are super exciting. Power efficiency is apparently very good. 4 core idles at just 2.5w. 8 core idles at just 5w. No performance data is given. Source: AnandTech What do you guys think?
  6. So I will be building a new computer soon (just waiting for the rest of my parts to come in) and I would like to get some tips and safety advice for overclocking the computer below.The Build - the research I've done, it seems as though you just increase the voltage manually, get a stable clock speed with temperatures around 65-C, get a fixed voltage and set an offset voltage. Is that true? Is there anything else I should be concerned about when modifying any of these settings such as TuboBoost or SmartCache (if that is even an option?)Also I have no idea what I should set my offset voltage to. From what I hear, it means that it adds or subtracts to my default voltage when the CPU is under load... Is that true?Any response is taken into consideration. All of the info above is what I got from doing research on the subject. If you could list as many tips on stability that come to mind I'd be very grateful.
  7. Nothing too special to report, but upcoming Intel Atom processors are going to be re-branded into the same good better best naming convention as the Intel Core series processors. Link