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  1. currently I'm using an Xtrac Pads Ripper IMO they can't be beat for value... they're cheap, fairly durable, offers a large surface area, and most importantly tracks very well. I own several mice from Logitech, Steelseries, and Razer and all perform extremely well.
  2. Looks interesting, I'm wondering if they switched OEM manufactures so people would stop comparing their boards to the Xarmor series.
  3. I'm going to wait on this one... I really want one of these cards just not one from msi, I'll be waiting till they get some EVGA cards in stock because Gainward is lame and doesn't have a US distributor:mad:
  4. Indeed it will sir... indeed it will...
  5. Stick with the Corsair... IMO the build quality is superior.
  6. congratulations fuller2002! You'll love your new Nighthawk, trust me. Now let's see who gets the last one.
  7. So recently the left speaker on my headphones (Sony DR-GA500) has completely stopped working. They are way past the warranty period and honestly I didn't want to replace them with the same model as I have never been really crazy about their open ear design. I needed something that was also going to be very portable, as taking my Denon ADH 2000 headphones anywhere is a pain. I ended up ordering a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones that I am going to pair with my Fiio E11 amp. I still need an external mic for gaming sessions. Can anyone suggest a good quality mic for gaming sessions to go with these cans? As far as music, I mostly listen to hip-hop, trance, house, break beat, and dubstep with a few other genres mixed in. I am hoping these new cans will live up to their reputation. Will update once I get them and burn them in.
  8. Same here brotha! If that 670 delivers on the performance front like I expect it to it's goin' in the new rig. A big factor is going to be the cost, I'm trying to buy two and liquid cool this entire system at the same time without having to take a loan out from the bank. As far as the 7970 cards are concerned the ASUS model seems to be very popular, I just wish ASUS would still use Aluminum for the casing like they did with their reference version 6970s.
  9. Just wanted to say the build specs are lookin' solid... I like that you opted for the 7970, I'm actually leaning towards this as a possible graphics solution in my upcoming build. From everything that I have read these things are monster overclockers they can reach somewhere in the neighborhood of 1300MHz if your lucky!
  10. If you were still considering buying the Creative 3D Sigma headset, Newegg has them on sale today only for 49.99 with free shipping.