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  1. ok well i changed the wire to my video card and i dont get that message about the video card. i think that was the problem. will see.Thank You guys for the help will come back if i fixed the problem will get new ps next week
  2. Ok the sparkle company is out of fkn country i think or something happen cant reach them. ok can u tell me Sam a program that i can monitor a voltage on my power supply? And whats the voltage i shold from my ps to my video card. my video card is GTX 760 FTW EVGA.
  3. well i am going to two gtx760s and it ses 500W min so u think 1000 or less
  4. h i what u think about this ps i have 2 years warranty on sparkle
  5. last night i had last frizz but all day today my computer is running verry goos the only change i did is download is framework 4.5 and after that i dont get errors. but i just looked up on Desktop Windows Manager is experiencing heavy resource contention. Reason : Graphics Subsystem Resources are over-utilized. Diagnosis : A consistent degradation in frame rate for the Desktop Windows was observed over a period of time. Thats what i am geting all the time and is that my mobo or video card. But yes my frames are oll over the place in bf4 and i had same frames in the game with my gtx 470s before my mobo died and i both the new mobo and after 2 weeks i got now card. Thats all i can tell u
  6. ok i am running two monitors and both are turning off at the same time. But about the bios i had the same problem before update and same thing. about memory i had em past 2 years and didnt have any problems. This mobo its hard to overclock and the privius version i had fx 990 ud5 i overclocked it to 5.4 i think. but this one is hard and i dont get the bios, lol i got no brains he lol. and the power supply is
  7. Ok i did try to overclock it and i did 5.0 but wasnt stable was crashing so i was thinging it was bad overclock. So i went back to defolt and i got same bs. I got 1000W gold power supply. The bios are up to date. And i will not get blue screen just the screen turn off or just black. and a sound keeps repiting it self like a freezz. And sometimes the computer turns off the screen like it gouse to sleep and wont come back but i was using it i just dont get it
  8. hi all i dont know if i posted in the right place but my computer frizzes sometimes watching movies or gaming, or doing nothing it just wold shut the screen off but the computer is running. if feels like it went to sleep or something like that but wont come back on. i had this system for 2 years, the only thing i changes the mobo, and video card and case thats all, my first mobo shit to bed, and it was doing same things almost. I wold not turn my video cards on black screen. it wont give me no errors or no blue screen. please help thank you. This is what i am running
  9. Ok this is the highest i got i changed the voltedge and it crashed after cople of min. if u can do better then let me know guy thank you
  10. i think my comp got srerd and let me overclock lol but memory same problem. CPU-Z Validator 3.1 this morning this what i got ok got to go work ma a s s off lol be back and try more wooohooo lol ok i tryed to overclock to 5.5 but it crashed in loudng windows. core volt is high so i dont think it will survive for long time but if u got money then lets burn it hehe he lol no i was kidding. i only changed the voltage, and i think the ram bs is do to bios because i seen pple had same problems but i am happy that its not the mobo its just bios and it overclockes good, but runs hot then intel i5. i let u know just whats the tops overclock will i get, if i dont burn this sucker down lol see u soon, out GamDog
  11. ok this is crazy i think this mobo is broke lol well when i try to change my memory to 1600, the system will give me error that it stop working, i had that problem with my old bios and the new one, so i googled and its not only me, some pple cant overclock this thing, So i am thinking of going back to the stor and tell them kiss ma a s s lol no and pick up intel
  12. ok cool i let u know about it. I Try but do know if my power supply will do the job i got 3 470s and they are power hungry lol
  13. Thank You Sam i will lol next step is overclock we need work on, if u got good settings for AMD