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  1. Sorry Sam i spoke with Max Keyboard and they said I wouldn't be able to order x8 in blue until mid February, Unless they'd accept the money for it now to deliver it when it's ready, which they haven't shown being inclined to. So I guess I will get involved with the next one if there is one. Please pass the code onto someone who would like it.
  2. I haven't gotten an email with a code did they get sent out?
  3. Thanks for putting the time and effort into doing this, it's much appreciated. One question though, I was hoping to pick up an X8 with blue Led's but it appears that you can't buy them at the moment, do you know if this will change in the near future?
  4. If you're only playing cs you don't even need a dedicated graphics card, if you really want one just get any one you can find for really cheap like a gtx 450 or something.
  5. Sam do you reckon you'll be able to put together another group buy with the people we've got together? I see around ten interested.
  6. Please post in this thread if you are interested in a max keyboard group buy for the 20% discount. I'm looking to get an X8 hoping there are 9 others interested in getting involved. Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8 (Cherry MX Brown) Backlit Mechanical Keyboard I won't be organising the group buy as i'm new to the forums but i'm sure the guy who did the previous 8 will be happy to help!