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  1. I have windows 7 pro installed on my computer and am currently using the fx8350 piledriver processor. Is windows 8 more optimized for the zambezi/piledriver 8 core versus windows 7? Im am looking at upgrading to win 8, but I am not sure of the performance benefits.
  2. I built a machine very similar to what you built, but with win 7 pro, ocz vertex 4 , hd7970, asus sabertooth tuf motherboard, fx8350 processor. The point is l was having a similar problem. I had tried multiple things, but I think the main fix for me was updating windows fully with all important and optional updates. By the way I previously had a fx8150 older motherboard bios an just a standard 7200 rpm harddrive and never had a problem. So the only things that had changed was the ssd and processor. I had previously updated the bios before installing the new processor. I would try what Sam.cpcr said and make sure the bios is set at the default settings for memory and clock speeds and do the windows updates. Personally i think the freezing problems i had and you have might be tied to the ssd and how windows communicates with it. Also another thing after I had installed all the updates I had to run ccleaner. And fix all the errors windows caused in the registry and temp files. I have already begun overclocking my setup and find it very stable and fast.