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  1. I have a Mini-DVI as well and it's not that either... one day..
  2. Hey guys, It's been a while. I've run into this problem, i picked up a few video converters from hard rubbish (thing we do in AU) and i came across this guy who threw out a lot of apple things, it all works, but i have this one adapter and for the lift of me cannot work out what it is for. it goes into a Dual link DVI-D connector, I've places a HDMI next to it for comparison, it's the one on the left. So yeah, Any help on identifying the right connector would be greatly appreciated, it's not a Mini/Micro HDMI either, Doesn't go into my DSLR camera
  3. I was playing Dishonored earlier this week, i like it, but i hate it on pc, the controls are everywhere and in order to be stealth it requires too much button presses everywhere along the keyboard.
  4. Well, i've narrowed it down to opening flash seems to make this happen, remove the youtube tab again and its back to normal, well close enough to normal, can see again but the lines are crap, here's a quick vid _hE1kYWzwuQ&feature=plcp
  5. Sam, you're forgetting he's in australia, the 680 costs more tha n $650, the 7970 for the same performance is only 500, unless the programs really use CUDA heavily, its not really a good thing to go for the 680 over the 7970, if you are really anal you could send it to drivers, Nv drivers are renowned to be better, but ATI arn't terrible, they work fine, many people dont have problems, and sometims people change because NV drivers are glitched too.
  6. Yeah i'm running max, i've narrowed it down to when its at a higher load, at ~50-60% load it's fine, at 99 however it becomes a whole different story, also you you experience choppyness when turning using wasd? like as if you were to hold d, does it turn with the background being a little choppy?
  7. Hey guys, some of you may be playing GW2 and i was wondering if you guys have been seing a little terrain glitching, or sudded facts, like artifacts, just want to know if its the game, or if its my card (it not overclocked further than factory) it dosnt do this on other games and just curious about others experiences with the game. Moving in the map, i get little flashes, moving around divinity's reach (where the bank is) i get little afrtifacts,
  8. I'm not sure if you'll be able to make it dul channel ram by adding a random stick, you'd have to make sure its the sme desnity and speed for starters. and even then not sure if it'll kick it into dual channel.. honestly its beter to get faster ram, not more..
  9. Yeah, CS:go, i'm not too mcuh of a fn, played it at a friends house this weekend, its just a CS Source reskin in effect, so you have a lot of the Source players owning everyone XD if you loved the old ones you'd like this one, but i was never too much of a fan of it.
  10. I got the XFX DD Black edition, but its weird that it is only effecting the primary monitor, would that be driver related? HDMI and DVI both work, but with DVI havent had the problem, since its the main screeni think its just a lineup of evvents that make the DRivers go spastic for a minute.2
  11. UPDATE: I had to change back to the HDMI but while i was using the DVI flawless, Once i changed back to HDMI, i think aroun 10 minutes out of full screen game, it did it again, it seems to effect only the primary monitor however.. Primary VIA HDMI Unplugg HDMI So yeah, i might have to go pick up a DVI cable for now, but i don't really like this being here at all, especially with a brand new $550 GPU (yes AU prices are retarded)
  12. Ahh wow, thanks for the info, and i'll have a go at changing the drivers to a new one again.. i'm using DVI and it hasnt done it so far, but it happens mainly in windowd things, like internet explorer and general computer use, gaming fullscreen is flawless so much power >:D
  13. Update : i got it down to 59 hertz and it's been fine ever since, UPDATE 2: It happend again, even at 59 hertz, it only seems to effect the primary monitor, anyone have any idea's? im onto DVI cable now, so i'll see how that works out for now, i'll kick it back up to 60 hertz for now, until i see more problems Speaking of that, why is 59 hertz even an option? can anyone shed some light on it?