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  1. Okay, I just now got to pulling out the motherboard while I was packing up to move back to college. I used the new PSU to test and still nothing. With that said, I don't know 100% that my original PSU isn't dead as well because both PSU's cause the motherboard to flash so I assume they are both providing power. I'm also not sure if I can return the new one. Do you know what Amazon's return policy is on these? Now that the motherboard is now presumed dead, what are my options to get me back up and running without a full rebuild?
  2. Just like everything lately, I'm getting to things a week after I plan to. I got the box out, went through the manual to see what the codes are for the lights and it just has codes for the POST readout. Well, got to reading and there was a three year warranty. Called EVGA and I'm only 4 months out of warranty so I'm out of luck. I told them what was going on with the flashing blue light and from the way they explained it, it's dead. Should I go forward with taking everything out to triple check it or is it a lost cause? At this point, what are my options?
  3. I'll be home on Thursday and will hopefully get to troubleshooting over the weekend. With this said, can I return the PSU I just purchased to Amazon or am I the new owner of another PSU? haha The only thing is, the flashing blue is some type of code for the motherboard. That's the thing throwing me through a loop is that flashing blue. I'll check my manuals when I get home to see what code it's throwing and go from there.
  4. I just now got a chance to rig up the new PSU and sadly, the motherboard is still flashing blue. What are my options now? That means my TX650 PSU is still good, something else isn't.
  5. I'll keep you updated on the upgrade path once I know more. Thanks for all of the information. I'll update this thread more on the replacement process if I have any hiccups.
  6. I was not aware about the decline in Corsair quality. Hate to hear that...I've been out of the loop as far as computer hardware type things go due to college overloading me. I'll be doing Broadcasting media (Film and Video work) so the next build (if I do one) will be primarily for editing when I don't want to be in the lab on campus or need to work on a project on my own time outside of the lab. Most of what I would be running would be Adobe Suites, Vegas, Audio programs, etc. Let me know what you think I could improve but if you think I'll be fine for the time being, I'll stick with that and put my money into my camera gear instead of my PC setup. I'll go ahead and place an order for the XTR, that's a good price and sounds like a perfect replacement. Especially with it being modular...
  7. Any thoughts on this? I'll more than likely be ordering a new PSU soon so I'd like to know before I place an order.
  8. That's the thing. I'm in the process of transferring colleges and switiching my major from Industrial Design to Internet Technology Specialist. I'll be doing a lot of media heavy stuff and even though they have us working on up to date Mac's, I want to have a workstation of my own to work on things when I don't want to be at the lab late at night or for other reasons. If I do anything, I'm looking at i7, 16GB (if not more if budget will allow) of RAM, a Graphics card that can handle most things I can throw at it. I don't have a whole lot of time to do gaming but I enjoy a game or two from time to time. What do you think I should look into as far as PSU right now? I can get an RX for cheaper than the CX but if I'm considering on doing a rebuild, I don't mind dropping the money now and getting it all ready. I could also just get the cheaper PSU now and sell my current build as a whole and start fresh. I'm pretty much thinking as I type so let me know your thoughts on all of this.
  9. No fan power whatsoever. I went and unplugged the PSU to the motherboard, unplugged the PSU, and even the surge protector and still had nothing once I plugged everything back up. The board is still receiving some type of power to allow it to flash but I think it may have roasted my PSU. Don't have a spare or anything to test it so I may be at the hands of a local PC shop to get it tested. Kinda disappointed that the surge protector didn't do just that-protect it. My fault though, I should unplugged it while I was away. If it did get hit, would it just be the PSU that got hit? I'll have to do cable management again but I at least didn't lose the whole build if that's the case. I'm shopping around for another PSU and it looks like I can pick up an RM750 for just over $100 or a CX750M for $80 I assume they'll be compatible with my current build. Depending on how involved I get with the media department here on campus, I may be doing a rebuild so the RM may be better for longevity (future build). Just thinking out loud, let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  10. I went home for the weekend and when I came back to my apartment, my roommate informed me that there was a huge storm. Well, I went to turn my desktop on and...nothing. Looked inside the case and the regular blue standby light is now blinking. Not in a pattern, just blinking. It's an EVGA Z68 motherboard. Any ideas if it the board got struck, PSU? Where should I start? Thought I would ask on here first before I start digging tomorrow. Thanks in advance for the help!
  11. Scratch the 16GB of RAM idea, that puts me out of my budget (unless I can find 16GB of RAM on the low). Since there is already 4GB in one slot, I'll pick up another 4GB and live with 8GB of RAM (which isn't too bad). Good idea? Also looked around at SSD prices and the Crucial MX100 seems to be the cheapest without sacrificing quality. Main question I have now, what ram should I go with for the other 4GB stick...?
  12. I was kind of in a hurry when I originally posted this but after further research I took my time before purchasing (which I was go to do tonight but I'm still looking at some things). After much discussion on another forum, I came to the Acer Aspire E5-571-37SY that I'm planning to swap a 256GB SSD into and possibly max out the RAM on (capable of 16GB but I'm not sure if I want push that high). Decided to go with an i3 simply because of the better battery life and the fact that all I'm using it for is papers, notes, Netflix, just standard college stuff. If I need more power I'll go to my room where I'll have my desktop for the more intense projects (which I need to look into overhauling that out t some point, possibly). I think I was looking at the Crucial MX100 SSD for the swap, any other alterntives? Also, what kind of RAM sticks should I be looking at for the limited space I have to play with inside a laptop? Thanks in advance for the help and my apologizes for the LATE reply.
  13. Anyone? Still looking... I'm thinking about going with ASUS. I just realized that I never posted a price point. I'm looking around the $500 range and I'm also considering getting one and buying the SSD and installing myself seeing as most laptops with them are 1K+
  14. Last time I was on here, I was in the process of building my first PC and shortly after I dropped off the radar due to my senior year being my busiest yet. With all that said, I'm back and it's time for me to pick up a computer for college and I need some guidance as to what I should be on the lookout for. It's been YEARS since I was in the laptop market and since then SSD's, touch screens, etc have become the new thing. If someone could get me back up to snuff, that'd be great. Here's the plan: I'm an Industrial Design major so I have the option of Mac or PC. Due to my budget and the fact that I feel more comfortable diagnosing problems and working on a PC, I'm going to stick to a PC for this one. I am, however, taking my desktop with me. Desktop will stay in the apartment for when I'm there working on papers and studying and the laptop will be for when I'm away, taking notes in class, etc. As far as specs, I'm thinking an i5, 8gb of ram or so, SSD for fast boot and document retrieval, something with crazy battery life (I'm sure it's gotten better since the last time I was in the market for one), and keep the weight fairly light. I've had Dell's my whole life but I'm sure someone will have better insight as to who is the superior manufacture when it comes to the PC world. I also had the idea in mind to do a clean install of windows once I get it so it will remove all the junk some manufactures tend to load on there. Good idea or no? Thanks in advance for all the help!