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  1. I followed video link from youtube to here and since you have all the different type of mechanical keys could you better explain the different type of mechanical keys with each distinctive mechanical key press feel. If you showed a side on view of the key being pushed and explain where the key hits the bump, then initialises the key press. the best i have found so far is HERE that shows this but is only a gif image and basically you have to guess/ imagain what its like. i did see some force profile graphs with the information but it dosnt really show where the key is positioned at each point on the graph druring the key press so some guess work has to be done again. From what i can tell Blacks are the same profile as reds but they have a stronger spring in them so they require more force to press. Reds are just a smooth press with a softer feel Blue i dont get wtf that sliding bit does or where the press initiates Browns have a bump mid way on the press (i hope this is where it initiates the key press so you dont have to bottom out) this maybe why sc2 pros like them? Whites have a bigger bump that brows but basically the same shape (i heard these are not common so could be ignored) If you could clarify how each work/ feel better i think that would make a good video and remove some of the confusion with mechanical keyboards. As far as mx cherry red being gaming switches i dont dissagree they sound good for gaming with the smoothness and all, but from what i have read all the sc2 pros will nearly all point you to getting mx browns.