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  1. I'd recommend the Logitech G600, works great for Diablo, 1 handed play ftw lol. It's a great mouse but I'd recommend trying it out first, as it doesn't seem to work for everyone's grip, its more of a palm grip.
  2. You can just connect 1 monitor with HDMI & the other with a DVI-D cable if you want to, works fine.
  3. Maybe you would be interested in the Corsair 600T? Looks pretty nice IMO and seems to have a ton of space inside for upgrades.
  4. It was some Hitachi 5400 I think. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  5. Hey guys, thanks for all of your help in trying to find me a new laptop. I ended up going with this Asus U47VC, met just about all of my criteria for a laptop. I thought the GPU on it wouldn't be enough for me, but i just ran d3 inferno for a bit on medium-highish settings and it ran very smooth @ native res. Unboxed the laptop this morning, ran the recovery CD's after i installed the Samsung 830 ssd in there. That alone took me 30-40 mins just to remove the laptop backplate, cheapest piece of plastic I've seen in my life haha, didn't wanna brake it. Spent most of the day just installing stuff, and optimizing the ssd, updating drivers, etc. One thing I was glad with was that I didn't have to run Windows update because 90% of the updates came factory installed using the recovery discs. Very happy with my purchase, it ran D3 just fine, the fan is near silent, didn't really get too hot at all either, the ventilation on this thing is amazing given the power it has and its form factor. I feel like I overpaid maybe $100-$200, but unfortunately its hard to find something this good for the particular size I wanted, also I guess I paid a little more because of the Asus name, but that also comes with reliability. :) It came down to either this or the Acer model, reviews on the Acer model said it became rediculously hot when gaming/under load, also that the GPU in the Acer (640m) severely downclocked because it isn't properly cooled. The trackpad on this Asus is also quite similar to the Macbook line with some equivalent gestures, but not as fluid of course. Hope I made the right choice with this purchase, but I'm definitely loving this so far. :)
  6. Great deal on this popular Samsung SSD, actually just saw my e-mail this morning and decided to order one right away for my new laptop. :) Newegg.com - SAMSUNG 830 Series MZ-7PC128B/WW 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Promo Code: [h=2]EMCYTZT1974[/h] Deal expires 7/30
  7. Haven't had any issues with the tracking on my razer mousepad either, might want to just try a different surface like Sam said, otherwise RMA it.
  8. Yeah, in that case I'd definitely just swap it out for the EVGA version if you can, its the second best thing to the Asus, and is also 100% more reliable with a minor OC as well.
  9. I'm not sure if this is what is causing it, but if you look @ reviews on that card on both Newegg & Amazon, their are A LOT of people saying it crashes their system, causes instability, etc. I don't think Asus did proper QC on these cards, and I was actually considering buying one but was scared off by the numerous reviews saying how they were pretty unstable (both DC2 & DC2 Top version). IMO, if you can't fix this issue, I'd just recommend returning it for the EVGA GTX 670 FTW as it's given me 0 issues, is pretty quiet at auto fan settings, & EVGA has an excellent warranty as well. Just a thought. :)
  10. Hey Xyriin, thanks for that handy filter you made me. :p From that filter, I found a couple of decent laptops but a lot of them were lacking in the GPU area. However, I did find one very interesting laptop: Acer TimelineU This laptop looks really solid, it has the GT 640m LE which I guess is in between the GT 630m and the GT640m, kind of looks just like my macbook air, and has 2 USB 3, Ethernet + an Optical bay. Not bad also that it has a 20GB ssd drive along with the regular HDD, that at least makes for some fast bootup times I assume. It looks like the 640m LE does a good enough job at gaming on medium-high settings also. It looks like its between this and the HP dv4t I linked earlier, this Acer is available for me @ Newegg with free shipping & no tax, so its very tempting. Not to mention it has the same exact trackpad as my macbook. :D Looks like it has good reviews on every site I've looked up on it also. Edit: Looks like Newegg sells a version with the full GT 640m instead of the 640mLE for $50 more: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834215401 Still might just go with the 14'' version because the only difference is 2gb more RAM & looks like the differences between the LE & regular version are minimal at best.
  11. I just checked out Origin but it doesn't look like they have a 13/14'' option, and their 15'' option starts at $1,500, which is completely unreasonable for a laptop IMO. I tried to search Asus's website for a 13-14'' laptop with a decent GPU such as 640/650m but couldn't really find anything, not sure if I wasn't looking hard enough. The closest thing I found was in the 15'' range and that's a little too big for me screen wise, also those laptops tend to be 6lbs+, if I could find a 4-5lb 15'' laptop with the above mentioned GPU within my budget, that'd be great. Do you have any recommendations for that Xyriin? I'm this close to ordering the HP but I have a feeling theirs a 50% chance something will break within a year lol.
  12. Thanks, I'll check out the deal for the dell you posted, I put in my .edu address and waiting for them to e-mail me the instructions. I actually just found a 25% coupon for HP Laptops that are BTO, that puts my total at $749.50 on the HP website after everything (taxes, shipping, etc.). What do you think?
  13. Yea I'll admit I try to avoid anything HP & Dell at all costs but this line of HP laptops has gotten decent reviews and people seem to like them, (the 15 & 17 inch versions). I did kind of get a little naucious when I saw the HDD so once I see a m4 or something go under $100 I'll just grab that ASAP. About the tax, not too big of a deal as long as it remains under $900, I don't think I could of got a similar setup (650m, IB i5) for that price anywhere else, I looked for a couple of hours. I just love the 13-14'' form factor and the fact it doesnt weigh a ton like the Asus ROG series haha. Portability is really important for me now as I'm going to be carrying this thing everyday for hours in my backpack. I figure the 2lb difference between this & the MBA is noticeable, but definitely not a deal killer at all considering the massive amount of power in this thing, minus the SSD. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this deal I found but I'll keep looking to see if I can find a similar package that might be able to ship sooner from another brand perhaps. Let's just hope this HP's battery doesn't die like what happened to my sister haha!