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  1. Are MSI motherboard z77 reliable? i'm looking into this new gaming mobo MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming since it's cheaper than the sabertooth z77 :biggrin:
  2. Corsair Force GT 120GB or Intel 330 SSD 120GB? i love fast ssd but i can't find any benchmarks of this two outperforming each other and i need to know before i'll buy an ssd which one is the fastest?
  3. so i really need monitor with 120hz refresh rate
  4. 2 Way-SLI GTX 680 On A 60hz Monitor? Will My FPS Go Higher Than 60? I'm Currently Using A 23 Inch LED Monitor With IPS Tech
  5. Which Of The Two Is Lighter & Faster? With Less False Positive & High Detection Rate?
  6. Whats The Best Alternative For System Restore? That Is Easy To Use & Free
  7. unbox & review nzxt switch 810
  8. For Gaming Only I Hope Its Supports 1155 If I'm Going For The i5 3570k
  9. Should I Wait For The i5 3570k Or Buy i5 2500k Now?
  10. Corsair Has The Top PSU Quality & Longer Warranty 7 Years
  11. don't go cheap on the psu go with the right choice corsair HX750 and go with the latest cooler CM Hyper 212 EVO
  12. Whats The Best Sound Card That Is Not Too Pricey Good For Gaming & Movies